Oct 26, 2014

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Pain In The Butt Neighbours


Suspicious Activities Near and Away From Your House

Surprisingly, the problem of how to deal with suspicious activity near or around your neighbourhood is not as easy as we think it is. Actually, many people are sceptical about what they do when some suspicious event takes place in the where they live. The city of Melbourne is no exception and you will find people content to deal with the problem if it directly concerns them and to leave it to others if it doesn’t. So you are bound to ask some basic questions

What should you do in the following situations?

  • Outside your neighbour’s house – People have gathered and causing a ruckus there. The most reasonable and civic thing to do is to let your neighbour deal with the problem. The merry makers may have sought your neighbour’s permission. If there’s no one in the house and its nigh time, call the police to handle it.
  • Another activity at the neighbour’s house – You see a man standing outside you neighbour’s house against the fence every evening at practically the same time. Don’t intervene.
  • A van outside my house – there’s a van parked in the street opposite your house at the same time for three continuous nights and you are not expecting anybody. Call the police to investigate.
  • Anything suspicious around your house – take immediate action and call the police to investigate. The longer you put it off, the more likelihood your home will be burgled.

The more important worry

What you should be worried about most is the very security of your own home. Think to yourself that apart from the activities going on outside, what are the likelihood of the people gaining easy access to your home. If they can enter your house, then you have a very serious problem on your hands. If on the other hand you can safely say they won’t be able to enter then leave things be and focus on your house and make sure the people outside won’t be able to enter your house. You can further bolster your situation in two ways:

  • Install a CCTV security system – this is the most efficient way to ensure the safety of your house. The system is absolute dependable, efficient and easy to install by professionals.
  • Strengthen your windows – these entry points are regarded by many security experts as being the most vulnerable simply because occupants can forget to lock them securely. Their vulnerability can be minimized with the use of window security films that prevents glass from shattering.

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Deterring Burglary, break & enter situations


A break-in can be a very devastating event in the lives of home owners. It not only traumatizes the occupants but it can also deprive them of their peace, privacy and even worse, their valuable. At Smarter Security, we are always on the alert for house owners who fall victim to the activities of burglars. We know that homes are at the very core of human regard and existence and we provide customers with the very tools that will ensure their houses are safeguarded to the best possible extent. To them it’s unthinkable that such cruel events can take place and we want to help.

A general strategic approach

If you are going to fight effectively against a clever adversary, you not only need a CCTV security system installed, you also need to complement it with other precautionary tactics. You need to adopt a wholesome approach that will encompass your security.

  • Fence – To the vandal or thief, the fence is the first point of entry to your grounds and ultimately, your house.  You shouldn’t have it too high as thieves like to have places to hide and they also like the presence of big holes in them. Rectify these shortcomings quickly even before installing your surveillance system.
  • Front and backyards – these form the second areas that a thief will reconnoitre before daring to enter. Foliage is perfect camouflage and trees or bushes will provide excellent hiding places either upon entering or leaving the property. Eliminate any bushes or trees that grow and can serve as a stairway to a lofty window or as hiding places in the front or back yards.
  • Front and back doors – the secondary entry points through which unwanted intrusion can take place. Ensure that both these doors are sturdy and strong to withstand any forceful entry
  • Top and bottom windows – these can also provide entry to burglars who are light and active and they can also provide an escape route for the thief. Make sure your windows can be bolted down securely by strong locking bolts. Reinforced glass can be ideal to toughen you widows.

Finally comes the CCTV

After taking care of all the above essentials, the installation of a CCTV system is like putting the last piece to the jig saw puzzle.  Don’t just dash in and do it in any fashion but do it with the assistance of true professionals like our experts at Smarter Security. The most efficient CCTV system is one that is versatile, dependable and has a centralized monitoring features and this is certainly one that you need and we can supply it to you at a very affordable cost.

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Deterring Vandalism with CCTV


Vandalism – external CCTV can help monitor and deter juveniles or unwanted trouble makers from vandalising or causing unwanted damage to family homes

Vandalism in Melbourne a Constant Threat

Like burglary, vandalism is with us to stay and no matter how hard we try to stamp it out it keeps rebounding back with a vengeance. Why? It’s anybody’s guess but the main thing is that there are security providers like Smarter Security that care about these happenings and provide the needed solutions for them. It’s common knowledge that vagrancy is the main cause of vandalism where gangs of youths with little to occupy their time turn to the less attractive pastime of causing damage to property and homes. There are many of them in and around Melbourne.

A national problem that requires collective effort

Vandalism cannot be wiped out just by security providers but needs the combined effort of government and its offshoots such as municipal councils and law enforcing agencies. A combined approach will minimize the incidence of vandalism and stabilize it while security providers will further reduce the likelihood of them happening. Configuring effective CCTVs for different scenarios of vandalism such as where, how and why they occur offers the best approach for combating the menace. However, a combined effort is the best means of stabilizing its occurrence.

The CCTV security system is the best on the spot solution

There is no doubt that the collective action is needed to effectively contain and minimize vandalism but the most effective on the spot solution is the identification and installation of a perfectly configured CCTV security system that will make vandals wary of doing their vandalizing acts to homes, workplaces and business premises:

  • Home – this is the important haven for your and families and worthwhile caring for both on the interior and exterior parts. The mere fact that a CCTV camera has been installed signals the possibility of getting a vandal’s personal details on film. A prospect even the most daring of culprits will avoid at all costs.
  • Office – this is what puts bread and butter on the table and to have it vandalized can cause a nuisance. Vandals will hit at anything just for the heck of it or for profit. Your car in the indoor or outdoor parking lot is fair game for vandals where damage can set you back thousands of dollars. CCTV cameras located at strategic sites can stop the problem
  • Retail shop – another income earning source for those who opt not to work in offices but to enter the commercial arena. Your shop should be in a neighbourhood that’s well lit and nearly always filled with people. If your shop is in an isolated or unlit area, relocate to where conditions are less susceptible to the work of vandals, but make sure you also have a CCTV security system installed in your business premise.

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Deterring Stalkers from your property


Stalkers – added security such as external CCTV camera system can help monitor unwanted visitors and their behaviours. Also, Video intercoms can allow home owners to view and control who they will allow to enter their property

Unsettling Stalker Activities in Melbourne

The activities of stalkers can become very unsettling for lone women or even teenage girls and boys, who decide to make the journey home on foot from the station, school, work or restaurant at night time. Stalkers pose a real threat in and around Melbourne, but all is not lost as we at Smarter Security can provide you with the best security systems available on the market today.  Stalkers may pose a threat to your safety, but our CCTV security systems are more than a match for these undesirable characters.

Stalkers’ favourite haunts

Like burglars, stalkers hate being discovered and they will always frequent areas that are isolated and unlit for furthering their stealth efforts. Places like interior and exterior parking lots are perfect places for reconnoitring for potential victims. If for any reason you cannot avoid going through isolated and dark areas, carrying your mobile phone with you is a must. You should have it connected to an alarm system that will alert guards, police or even another mobile phone. There are so many ways of securing your safety and we can help you with our expertise.

The safety of home doesn’t end the episode

To actually experience the frightening chill of being followed and possibly being attacked is an event most of us wouldn’t like to live through. Many who have been placed in such a predicament are always relieved when they reach the safety of their home. However, the danger rarely ends at the gate as some stalkers are not satisfied just by merely following someone. They would rather go all the way and try their luck in breaking in your house and make their stalking worthwhile. To have a CCTV camera system will stop them in their tracks and send them packing.

Never underestimate the tenacity of stalkers

When you find yourself in a serious stalking predicament, we advise that you don’t hesitate but start pushing the mobile buttons and contact someone, even if the incident only looks suspicious. Walk quickly looking back occasionally to determine the distance of your stalker and decide whether to walk calmly or run. Of course the final safety is you home, and if you have taken the wise decision of installing a CCTV surveillance system, you will be safe when you reach home. Our professionals are the best there are in selecting and installing the perfect system for you home.

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Deterring Violence from Intruders


Be always on your guard

One very effective tactic you can use against violent burglars is to always be alert and to be proactive in preventing anyone from entering your premise. Also important is the need to be prepared at all times to counteract anything that may happen during an encounter with a caught burglar. Teach yourself how you will respond during such an encounter and if need be, learn some martial arts defence tactics. Strengthen your entry points, the fence, all the doors, the windows and potential foliage hiding spots by burglars. A thief will use any cover to avoid being detected.

Use the panic button to your advantage

The panic button is a very effective device that can be used in a house, office or business premise such as a retail shop. Its purpose is to alert the user to the existence of an emergency situation that can threaten the person or property. Whether used in a home or a shop, a panic button is exceedingly versatile and can be connected to a monitoring panel or central control room and can act as a silent alarm, a loud bell or even a siren. It doesn’t really matter to what device a panic button is connected. What matters is that it is an extremely safe device to use in securing your house.

A stealth burglar warrants a stealthier opponent

The success of burglars largely depends on the degree of clandestine tactics they use as they go about their objectionable business. If you are not yet aware, we can supply an amazing range of security alarm systems and add-ons that stealthier than any enterprising burglar. One of the most effective is our hidden panic button or holdup buttons that can be embedded into the wall with a burglar none the wiser. They are so versatile they can be interconnected to any alarm system that can be used to alert premise guards, police or even appointees for securing your house.

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