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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems: Lowering their False Alarm Rates


False alarms are common among Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS). This fact should encourage PID manufacturers to come up with a solution and find ways to reduce false alarms in their systems. You can do your best to pick only the best perimeter intrusion detection system, but there are also other ways to lower false alarm rates in your PIDS.

False alarms from burglar alarm systems bring adverse effects on your business. This is especially true when such alarms take your security personnel away from other high-risk security matters. Not only that. When false alarms occur frequently, they are likely to get ignored when it sounds due to real threats. Your Perimeter Intrusion Detection System now becomes ineffective in deterring crimes.

The most common causes of false alarms in burglar alarm systems are:

  • Employees who do not follow procedures for opening and closing the facility.
  • Providing unlimited access to suppliers and non-employees to your facilities.
  • Employee oversight.
  • Failure to follow procedures by cleaning and maintenance staff.
  • Defective alarm system.
  • Strong winds, electrical storms, and other acts of nature.

Preventing and Minimizing the Occurrence of False Alarms in PIDS

Threat detection can be made more accurate so that your security personnel only reacts to genuine threats. This avoids wasting of time and resources. You can lower false alarm rates in your PIDS through the following:

  • Training your employees on how to properly manage your perimeter intrusion detection system especially if it’s new.
  • Holding a drill to make sure all employees know how to operate the system especially after changing pass codes.
  • Be especially attentive during late night office parties and all-nighters. False alarms are common during these times due to carelessness of employees.
  • Keeping hanging objects away from motion detectors and sensors.
  • Making sure all doors and windows are locked before arming the system.
  • Keeping the monitoring office informed in case you change arming codes, pass codes, and authorized users.
  • Contacting your security provider if you are suspicious of a possible defect in your perimeter intrusion detection system.
  • Upgrading all obsolete alarm systems.
  • Making sure your perimeter intrusion detection system fits your business needs.
  • Working with a reliable security provider that can take complete responsibility for securing your facility.

A perimeter intrusion detection system is installed mainly to detect potential crimes in your facility. They can, however, become ineffective when they give off false alarms too often. It is, therefore, important to find ways to lower false alarm rates in your PIDS.

Hesitate Not When Your House Security is at Stake


Many house owners become so taken up by their newly built house that they fail to recognize the reality that even new homes are not secure. At Smarter Security we have witnessed some of the most unfortunate incidents that beset house occupants and we try our utmost in curbing their occurrence. Nevertheless unexpected break-ins and robberies will always happen and the best way of preventing or minimizing them is by taking the necessary steps to ensure your house is safe and secure against any burglar activity.

Preliminary thoughts on securing your house

  • Always look into the future: Normally our outlook on a new home is that it is most unlikely to be burglarised. Wrong! The newer the more stylish a home, the more likely it will be targeted. Look ahead and think of securing your home immediately. Look around for security companies, make contact, ask for quotes and quickly follow up any offers that come your way.
  • Never depend totally on the police: your local police are there to respond to alerts and are seldom around your house to physically thwart the activities of burglars that try to break in. Think ahead about security measures that will give you instant protection on the spot like installing a CCTV surveillance system.
  • Don’t rely on your neighbours to help secure your home. They are people just like you with similar concerns and worries about their own situation. They might even come under a burglar attack the same time your house is being burglarized so creative thinking is needed for a better security enhancing method like installing an alarm system.
  • Don’t think for one moment that your front door is not susceptible to a frontal break-in. Burglar activity knows no bounds and the minute you think you’re safe and sound, your front door becomes a wide entrance for illegal activity. Why not think about installing an intercom system to your house, apartment block, office complex, hospital or even your school?

Who to turn to for help

Once you make the wise decision to boost your security and safety for yourself and your premise by using any of the above security approaches, you should quickly look for the ideal security system supplier and there’s none better than Smarter Security. We have the expertise and the equipment for top class security for your home. We have the full range of security systems that will address your specific needs. We’ve played the security game over many years and we are at the apex of the security provider hierarchy. Come to us and we will solve your problems quickly and effectively.

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We are the best security providers in Australia with a first class track record for providing the best security solutions. Ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and learn how your home can became your very own safe haven.

Systems for Homes & Businesses


Perfect for Homes and Businesses

Like your home, your business is also very valuable and at Smarter Security we also take note of that fact. We are ardent believers in securing your workplace so that it is safe and sound against unwanted intrusions. There’s no doubt you’ve invested a great deal of money in setting up and operating your business and you have every right in wanting your business to operate smoothly and safely. We can assist you in achieving that very goal.

We are the best at our trade

The kind of service that we offer businesses around the Melbourne area is top-notch. Our services are not only first class but are also comprehensive in scope. We are experts at analysing security needs and we can advise any business corporation about the type of security alarm system that is totally suitable for enhancing the safety and security of its premises. We know the business inside out. After all, we have been operating successfully and accumulating expertise in the trade for the past 25 years.

Burglars don’t like alarm systems

But we don’t stop there. We don’t sit on our laurels and pat each other on the back and sit back and relax. No, we explore other ways of improving on our service and we have found we can attach additional facilitators to our alarm systems such as duress systems and smoke detection as well as medical emergency alerts. There’s no end to our efforts in improving our services and the final scenario is this; that our alarm systems are a curse to burglars – they just can’t stand them. During their rounds to pick their likely victim, they usually spy one of our siren boxes and when they do, they know that a burglar alarm system has been installed and they choose another target.

What we have in store for businesses

We have the latest in safety technology equipment in stock right now at very reasonable prices which unmatched anywhere. We have just the right alarm system configuration to suit small businesses but without the high price tag. Our video cameras are the latest models along with our very effective motion detectors. Our glass break detectors are totally effective and together with our mobile online apps and efficient alarm systems, are the envy of our competitors. We are very confident of our products and we want you to feel the same. Call for a quote and you will be surprised at how cheap our alarm system products are.

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If you own a small business and want to protect your asset and wealth, call us on 03 8513 0479  and we will be more than happy to be of service and provide you with the best alarm system that will take care of your security problems.



Stay Out of My House!


At Smarter Security, we are keen monitors of security statistics. We have alluded to the U.S. 2005 burglary statistics of 2005 but burglaries during 2006 go over the top! A staggering $4 billion worth of property was lost averaging $1,800 per house owner. Amazingly, 66% of all burglaries targeted residents and 63% of these took place in broad daylight. Some food for thought, but don’t be too surprised if we tell you that burglaries are also happening here in Melbourne. Like you, we are very much alarmed by all this and we want to assist you the best way we can, automatically or manually.


We have looked at some of the do-it-yourself safety practices that can be done and we have also looked at using a combination of automatic and manual security initiatives. We have looked at different lines of defences as if we are doing battle with an unseen foe and we have looked at lighting up and strengthening everything to foil entry. But is there an ultimately best way to prevent a burglar from entering your home?

There is a saying that you need a thief to catch a thief so why not become and think like one? A burglar is obviously determined to enter your house and he or she will eventually do so, unless you make it too darned difficult for them by staying one or two steps ahead. You need to think like a thief and pre-empt their every move:

  • Personal reconnoitring – this is an extremely important maneuver that many house owners overlook. A thief will look for weaknesses; you discover them first and act with your own counter measures. Reconnoitre the interior and exterior of your house and look for likely places that may serve as entry points.
  • Deadbolt lock – the kingpin for foiling entry when affixed to a very solid door. A a very strong frame with at least an inch of throw or entry into the door frame for a tight lockup. It should be a double cylinder lock with key passages from the inside and exterior side of the door. This is excellent for doors with glass panes within easy reach of the lock area. A thief will think that after breaking the glass, it will be only a matter of turning the door knob but alas, a flat metal plate with a keyhole minus the key meets the burglar’s outreaching hand.
  • A very solid door – if you really don’t want your house broken into and pilfered, pay very serious attention to the kind of door you install. If you have extraordinary valuables to safeguard, go for a solid metal door. What can be more solid that metal? Thieves may learn of it but they can hardly do anything about it can they? It is like having a moat and drawbridge all rolled into one. The metal is your moat and the whole door is your drawbridge.
  • Sliding doors – don’t simply place wood or broom ao other impediments to stop your sliding doors and windows from opening. Be serious! Your foe is very determined. Get keyed locks to make them extra difficult to open.

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Just ponder a little and visualize that you have followed each of these four indispensible steps. Would it not be awesome to have an automated surveillance and lighting systems put in place to complement them? It would add weight to your efforts in keeping burglars out would it not? If you think so, ring us now on  03 8513 0479 and we will help you make the best decision for your house.

Effective Security Alarm Systems to Protect Your Home


Finding effective security alarm systems to protect your home is the key today. SmarterSecurity is here to offer you the best alarm systems you are looking for. Each business or household needs security. Some people need advanced types of alarm systems than others. Alarm systems can be simple or complex depending on the scope of security you need. Security and protection are the things you would like to ensure when you install an alarm system. SmarterSecurity knows that efficiency and simplicity are the qualities a good system must have.
Alarm systems in Melbourne

Since the extensiveness of alarms differs from one model to another, you might get overwhelmed by their differences in complexity. If you are looking for a system to install or planning to have one in your space in the future, getting an overview of the different alarm systems can help you with your planning.

Alarm with monitors. Security alarm systems can be a system of alarms, video surveillance and TV monitors. Typically, large buildings and houses take this type of alarm system. The video can allow the owners to monitor their property 24/7. The complexity depends on the size of your space. The larger your space is, the more gadgets you need to install. It also depends on the extensiveness of surveillance you want. Large buildings have only one camera, one alarm, and one monitor. The monitoring is only concentrated to one particular room or vault. The alarm system can be modified according to your need. SmarterSecurity will help you find the best deal.

Wireless alarm system. This is best used for those buildings that are already built with no additional wirings. You can cut the cost of labor of installation. This is because there is no need for you break the walls and renovate the spaces the installation is done. However, there is a downside of this as compared to hard-wired alarms. Glitches in the system are common. Therefore, reliability is low. On the brighter side, the technology is constantly innovating. Therefore, remote control alarms can be improved. To find more information, why not call us today!

Motion detector systems. This is one of the cheapest and most popular systems. It really does not detect movement. It monitors heat changes in the area where it is programmed for surveillance. As movement increases heat, the alarm can detect the change. It is commonly installed on the ceilings. At, we will help you choose the best one that suits your needs.

Alarm systems in Melbourne ensure quality and reliability in all types of alarms you need for your home or business. At, we are always ready to receive your call. We are unique than most companies available. With the most competitive prices, at SmarterSecurity, we will give you free advice so you can choose the best alarm systems according to your demand to save your home and your family. Make a call us today to see what we are offering you.



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