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Where Manufacturing Begins

The manufacturing of products all start at the factory or warehouse. Even we at Smarter Security in Melbourne have to purchase all our high tech security systems from manufacturers. This means that high tech gadgets worth millions upon millions of dollars are stored at these huge premises making them prime targets for burglars. Because they are huge, monitoring and surveillance by managers and supervisor becomes a real issue that needs fixing. We can help in addressing this problem.

The factory layout

Because of the immense sizes of warehouses and factories only the best and most efficient security system is appropriate. At Smarter Security, our Warehouse and Factory Security Package is the perfect solution. The package consists of 8 connected Analog CCTV surveillance cameras, with monitor and Bosch alarm system as added accompaniments. There’s really not very much to zoom onto so the cameras are the standard Analog types that cover a wide swath of factory area.

Where the cameras are installed

The huge area of the factory or warehouse need to be totally covered by the cameras, so meticulous planning in placing the cameras is essential. At Smarter Security we always make sure that the inner parking area is sufficiently covered by 4 cameras with 3 of them providing surveillance over all the parking areas and a fourth placed on the outer perimeter wall that faces a road or street. The remaining four cameras are placed inside the factory or warehouse along with the Bosch alarm and the monitor.

Allocated camera roles

Everything in the warehouse or factory are valuable assets but off course some are more valuable than others and should get preferential treatment in terms of their security.

  • The assembly line is the heart of the factory and should be first on the list for a camera placement. The camera should be placed to cover the entire assembly line for incidents.
  • The main entrance to the factory should be monitored with camera to make sure that the movements of people in and out of the premises, is strictly kept under surveillance.
  • The inventory kept within should not be left unguarded. A camera should be installed in the inventory area.
  • A walkway camera should also be installed to guard staff from possible hazards.
  • The outer perimeters of the factory must be kept completely under the ‘eyes’ of the cameras for effective control and safety.
  • To supplement camera coverage, a monitoring screen and Bosch alarm system would be ideal and their procurement and placement encouraged.

Costs to expect for a fully installed Warehouse / Factory Security Package:

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