A break-in can be a very devastating event in the lives of home owners. It not only traumatizes the occupants but it can also deprive them of their peace, privacy and even worse, their valuable. At Smarter Security, we are always on the alert for house owners who fall victim to the activities of burglars. We know that homes are at the very core of human regard and existence and we provide customers with the very tools that will ensure their houses are safeguarded to the best possible extent. To them it’s unthinkable that such cruel events can take place and we want to help.

A general strategic approach

If you are going to fight effectively against a clever adversary, you not only need a CCTV security system installed, you also need to complement it with other precautionary tactics. You need to adopt a wholesome approach that will encompass your security.

  • Fence – To the vandal or thief, the fence is the first point of entry to your grounds and ultimately, your house.  You shouldn’t have it too high as thieves like to have places to hide and they also like the presence of big holes in them. Rectify these shortcomings quickly even before installing your surveillance system.
  • Front and backyards – these form the second areas that a thief will reconnoitre before daring to enter. Foliage is perfect camouflage and trees or bushes will provide excellent hiding places either upon entering or leaving the property. Eliminate any bushes or trees that grow and can serve as a stairway to a lofty window or as hiding places in the front or back yards.
  • Front and back doors – the secondary entry points through which unwanted intrusion can take place. Ensure that both these doors are sturdy and strong to withstand any forceful entry
  • Top and bottom windows – these can also provide entry to burglars who are light and active and they can also provide an escape route for the thief. Make sure your windows can be bolted down securely by strong locking bolts. Reinforced glass can be ideal to toughen you widows.

Finally comes the CCTV

After taking care of all the above essentials, the installation of a CCTV system is like putting the last piece to the jig saw puzzle.  Don’t just dash in and do it in any fashion but do it with the assistance of true professionals like our experts at Smarter Security. The most efficient CCTV system is one that is versatile, dependable and has a centralized monitoring features and this is certainly one that you need and we can supply it to you at a very affordable cost.

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