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Protect Property and Inventory

You’ve invested too much in your business to lose your hard-earned profits to shoplifters, burglars or vandals., SmarterSecurity’s small business alarm systems offer a complete and interactive solution to protect your inventory. Our advanced features are perfect for a small business, without a big price!

  • Video security cameras
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Mobile and online apps
  • Customized alarm systems

With SmarterSecurity you can access and control your alarm system no matter where you are. No matter what time of day. Just log into the portal or app using your smartphone or computer. You will never be out of touch with your business security. Receive instant messages any time a sensor detects trouble on the property. Arm or disarm your alarm system remotely, view live video feeds and track employees or vendors as they come and go.


  • Our team of experienced professionals can help you decide what business security system is best for your company.
  • Our customised security cameras for business and state-of-the-art wireless security camera systems are trusted by companies statewide
  • Our state-of-the-art business alarm systems are known and trusted by companies nationwide.
  • We listen to your concerns and design a system tailored to address them.
  • Our business security systems provide 24 hour security monitoring to protect all of your valuable assets.
  • We take great pride in placing one team in charge of your security with a seamless approach that includes design, installation, monitoring and ongoing technical support.

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Here are just a few of our large customers that have chosen us to help them with their security needs.


Retail Security Solutions

The Ideal Solution for Retail Businesses Are you experiencing heavy shoplifting lately? You’re not alone and at Smarter Security we have just the perfect solution for you. The security systems that have appeared on the market are of such range and variety it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right alarm system to address your specific needs. But for dampening the activities of shoplifters and boosting your profits, we have an array of technologically advanced systems for your retail store. The range of these performance proven security systems is such that there is one system that will suit your particular […]

Cafe Security Package

Different Security Systems for Different Needs The very difference in shapes and sizes of cafes demand that different security systems are configured for their security. This is the concern of café owners whether they are just starting a new café or they have been operating for some time. It is for these reasons that we, at Smarter Security, have come up with a collection of security systems for covering a wide field of needs. A café security system The types of people who frequent your café can never be properly determined until you decide to really take a tally of […]

Childcare Security Package

A Most Worthwhile Calling People who decide to take upon themselves the burden of caring for other people’s children deserve our attention and Smarter Security does take notice and has become one very staunch supporter of these businesses. It is an undertaking that deserves to be provided security for the children being cared for and for the service providers. At Smarter, we provide top quality security systems and advice to these wonderful and enterprising people. If you have or are thinking of starting up a child care business, stay tuned and listen to what we have to offer. The first […]

Convenience Store / Grocery Store Security Package

Perfect Targets for Burglars Bustling convenience or grocery stores are the perfect homing magnets for thieves and unfortunately, there are lots of them in central Melbourne and the surrounding suburban areas. You just cannot simply trust everyone that walks into your store just because they are customers. They may well be pickpockets or product pinchers for all you know. Just to be on the safe side, let Smarter Security take care of your needs and install the perfect security system package for your store. The perfect package for your store   We would recommend you opt for a maximum security […]

Warehouse Security Package

Where Manufacturing Begins The manufacturing of products all start at the factory or warehouse. Even we at Smarter Security in Melbourne have to purchase all our high tech security systems from manufacturers. This means that high tech gadgets worth millions upon millions of dollars are stored at these huge premises making them prime targets for burglars. Because they are huge, monitoring and surveillance by managers and supervisor becomes a real issue that needs fixing. We can help in addressing this problem. The factory layout Because of the immense sizes of warehouses and factories only the best and most efficient security […]

Pubs & Clubs Security Systems

Pubs, Clubs, Gaming and Liquor stores should have CCTV system installed to ensure the security of staff and customers. In many local councils, it is actually requirement to have CCTV cameras installed if you have a liquor and music licence. We recommend owners contact their local council to check on these requirements. A business’s reputation is imperative to its ongoing success. For this reason, owners need to implement very good security systems. An incident at a local venue can cause problems quite quickly. OH&S issues are also quite prevalent in high traffic areas. A good CCTV system will help deter fraudulent […]

Having Security Issues with your Retail Store? Look Our Way

There is perhaps no other more enticing target for burglars than the full racks and shelves of a retail shop. In Melbourne alone, this kind of burglar activity has escalated to such proportions even the police are unable to stem their occurrence. For us at Smarter Security the situation is an ongoing challenge that requires unabated zest and ingenuity on our part. We rise to the occasion with our latest and most effective solution – the CCTV surveillance system. It is a priceless piece of technological invention that adds both security and value to your home. A full range of […]