Commercial Alarm Systems

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Looking for either a straight-forward arm and unarm alarm system or a more sophisticated commercial alarm solution? We have years of experience providing security solutions to offices, shop fronts, warehouses and more.

Smarter Security has the expertise, experience and desire to provide your business with a highly effective complete security package. Our business alarm monitoring or CCTV system is second to none in aiding in the prevention and deterrence of theft and damage to your property.

Obligation Free Quote

We offer all customers a free, no-obligation installation quote today! Just contact us by phone on 03 8513 0479 and we’ll have one of our staff come out and speak to you about your requirements.


Tailored Solutions

We understand that not all businesses are the same, which is why one of our staff, who is an expert with security systems will discuss your individual business alarm monitoring needs. We will tailor a package designed to encompass all of your security concerns.

Whether you are a small scale shop or a large industrial warehouse, we have the solution for you, including:

  • Multi area alarm systems
  • Multi user alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control
  • Back to base monitoring
  • Alarms that call a mobile phone
  • Motion detection
  • Smoke detection
  • Holdup buttons
  • Panic buttons
  • Wireless devices
  • Hard wired security
  • Industrial security
  • Security for Government buildings
  • Water level and temperature devices

We understand business and pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to provide complex solutions.

Tracking Systems

Smarter Security also has monitoring systems available for your business alarm monitoring. Monitoring systems allow you to watch and monitor your staff and record who enters and exits your premises. Contact us today and we’ll get one of our security team to give you more info regarding this.

Obligation Free Installation Quote

We offer all customers a free, no-obligation installation quote today! Just contact us by phone on 03 8513 0479

Here are some large companies that have chosen us to help them with their security needs.


Commercial Alarm Systems: A Must-Have for Businesses

When it comes to effective and efficient commercial alarm systems for businesses, Smarter Security is on top of the list followed by none. That is how effective the alarm systems at Smarter Security. Additionally, businesses come in different forms like a small store or big-time industrial warehouse so they have distinct needs in security systems but Smarter Security caters to these various kinds of businesses. If you are looking for an alarm system provider who has a lot of experiences, expertise and desire to supply your business with a first-class efficacy of a complete security package then go visit Smarter […]

The Best Office Alarm Systems

What else does SMARTER SECURITY offer in addition to home security? It also involves itself in the field of safety for the workplace, meaning a shop or office space in a commercial and business setting. Stored inside these workplaces are valuable merchandise, fittings and equipment that generate sales and profits from products and services sold to customers. They need to be protected and Smarter Security can provide that protection. The right system From the stealth purring sound of cameras of the CCTV systems we have now moved to the more audible alarm systems or silent light flashes from a signal […]

Perfect Alarm Solutions for Your Booming Business

You only have to study the Property Market Digest on Melbourne to get an inkling of what the retail and residential scene looks like. As of 2013, the number of retail shops within Melbourne central stands at more than 20,000 retails of all sizes, not to mention the suburbs, while residents number approximately 3 million. These statistics indicate a rich hunting ground for burglars and robbers and it explains why thousands of people are robbed each year. But don’t lose heart. We at Smarter Security are determined to stem the tide make their tasks very difficult. Alarm systems for any […]

The Perfect Base Alarm Monitoring System

At Smarter Security in Melbourne we know what it takes to have a perfect system in place. An alarm system on its own is fine, but when you connect it to a monitored control room, you have a gem in your possession. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either if you follow our advice on how to beat rising costs from your other housing priority list. Whenever we make a sale, we ensure you are given  2 month probation period from which you can opt anytime! Full operational use during probation Even while you are testing the monitoring system […]

Planning For An Alarm System

  The best way to embark on the planning for an alarm system is to generate a questionnaire. This questionnaire should contain all, if not, majority of such questions. For examples, prospective users should start by asking themselves if the alarm system is to be installed within an isolated area and which is or are the parts that they wished to safeguard. Moreover, if there is any entrance into this area of surveillance, if so, how many of them need attention and protection. On top of basic protection, does the area needs additional alerts such as fire or flood.   […]

How is an Alarm System programmed?

  If installing an alarm system is to accommodate to the user’s needs, programming an alarm system will be to meet the user’s wants. It is during programming of an alarm system whereby personalised activities such as when the alarm will switch off, how will the user be notify during emergency, or the kind of data that control panel should provide, are made available.   In general, the control panel should come with the following buttons. Usually appear on the lowest row of number buttons, there should be one which allows users to go back to the main menu, one […]