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Different Security Systems for Different Needs

The very difference in shapes and sizes of cafes demand that different security systems are configured for their security. This is the concern of café owners whether they are just starting a new café or they have been operating for some time. It is for these reasons that we, at Smarter Security, have come up with a collection of security systems for covering a wide field of needs.

A café security system

The types of people who frequent your café can never be properly determined until you decide to really take a tally of who comes in and out the front door and this is a daunting task. This means that   the next best option is to install a suitable security system for your care and we can help you in this venture. This cannot be done in the DIY way but requires the enlisting of expert assistance like us to ensure the successful installation of the right type of security system for your cafe.

Where to place it

The best method of determining the ideal spots for your security system, especially the surveillance cameras, is to carefully study the interior of your café. Ideally, an average sized café will have about 4 main sections away from the front door. You have an open space for tables and chairs adjoined by an open order counter with the till, a restroom, a janitor’s room, a storeroom. Four cameras are needed for the front door, the till, the storeroom and the back door entrance.

What type of cameras?

At Smarter Security we supply the latest surveillance camers that can readily satisfy the surveillance needs for your café. We are intimately familiar with what type camera is suitable for a specific purpose and it is with this expertise that we indicate what type of camera you should use and where:

  • The most important area is the till where you should place a high resolution IP camera. The reason is that the camera allows a zoom up to view numbers in detail such as a dollar bill.
  • The front door is where every visitor normally comes through and you’d want to keep tabs on everyone who comes into your café.
  • The back door is another area that needs monitoring and surveillance to detect entries and exits by people from within or without.
  • Inventory is where all the potential cash generators are kept. It is an important area to place a surveillance camera.

If you are a café owner and are thinking of installing the right type of security system package in you café, don’t hesitate.


CTV Pack 2 – 4 High Definition IP network CCTV package fully installed $2599.00 including GST (standard single storey shop or office)


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