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A Most Worthwhile Calling

People who decide to take upon themselves the burden of caring for other people’s children deserve our attention and Smarter Security does take notice and has become one very staunch supporter of these businesses. It is an undertaking that deserves to be provided security for the children being cared for and for the service providers. At Smarter, we provide top quality security systems and advice to these wonderful and enterprising people. If you have or are thinking of starting up a child care business, stay tuned and listen to what we have to offer.

The first step towards installing a security system

The most efficient and effective way of installing a security system is to have an overall appreciation of your interior space. It is only by taking stock of what you have inside that that we can help so let’s make a start. Let’s say from the front door, your have a waiting area adjoining a spacious area for people to move about freely from room to room; there’s a room for toddlers, 3 and 4 year olds and a room for nappy changes, a car park 2 outdoor areas one each for children, visitors and staff. There’s a common room for staff, a total of 10 spaces with 2 not needing to be monitored so a total of 8 surveillance cameras.

What are the camera types for each space?

A child care centre is not likely to be a target for burglars and so there’s little need to place the more sophisticated type of surveillance systems to monitor the centre.

  • Standard Analog cameras should be placed where surveillance and monitoring are likely to be needed. They are well capable of letting you or staff, know what is happening in the centre and more than sufficient to deter any likely incidents.
  • One way to allay the fears of clients who put their total faith in you and your staff for looking after their children, would be to ensure that cameras are placed in every main activity room so all activity can come under the scrutiny of you and your staff.
  • You should enlist the help of our experts in recommending all the areas of your centre where you should place your cameras for maximum effect.
  • Our child care comprehensive security package will make sure that all the important and weak points in and around your premises are continually covered by surveillance cameras day and night.
  • You should make sure that your outdoor areas are totally covered by surveillance cameras so that any possibility of unwelcomed intrusions or kidnappings can be avoided.

Smarter Security in Melbourne has helped countless numbers of child care centres to function in perfect comfort and security and if you are on the verge of starting up a child care business, let us know.

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