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Perfect Targets for Burglars Bustling convenience or grocery stores are the perfect homing magnets for thieves and unfortunately, there are lots of them in central Melbourne and the surrounding suburban areas. You just cannot simply trust everyone that walks into your store just because they are customers. They may well be pickpockets or product pinchers for all you know. Just to be on the safe side, let Smarter Security take care of your needs and install the perfect security system package for your store.

The perfect package for your store   We would recommend you opt for a maximum security package which for us, is the high resolution IP Camera system. This is about the most efficient security system there is on the planet and we have it in copious numbers at extremely affordable prices. Camera 1 for the main entrance, camera 2  to cover the back entrance, camera 3,4 and 5 to cover the good shelves, camera 6 to monitor the register and cameras 7 and 8 for the back part of the store. All the weak spots are covered!

The ideal cameras to use The most effective cameras to use in any store including yours are our high resolution IP Cameras:

  • The ability to zoom in on objects for very detailed viewing, our high resoulution IP cameras is the perfect solution. One can be placed above the cash registers on the front counter. Dependable footage will also be available for later viewing and use
  • A high resolution camera should be placed at the front entrance to monitor movements in and out of your store. If you have an ATM in your store, another camera should monitor it.
  • Most product snatchers will often steal from the beverage shelves or fridges so a camera or cameras should be placed in these areas.
  • Isles may be hidden to the naked eye and thieving activities may go unnoticed. The perfect solution would be to place a camera high up so it can look down on these blind spaces.
  • Additional ceiling fans, will add more to your surveillance capabilities and staff working late will not have to worry too much about incidents happening.
  • Install a good quality monitor to have continual visual monitoring on everything that goes on. All CCTV packages come with a free connection to mobile phones.
  • Installing a standard Bosch alarm system is just the thing burglars disdain an it can boost the security of your store especially after hours.
  • Having control of your entry points will prevent unwanted visitors or intruders coming into your store and will lessen the likelihood of product snatching activities. Control of your back door will deter potential burglars gaining access to your back office or storeroom.

4 High Definition IP network CCTV package fully installed $2599.00 including GST (standard single storey shop or office)


At Smarter Security in Melbourne we provide all the tech gadgets that can look after your store. Contact us Ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will turn your store into a burglar proof haven for you