Stalkers – added security such as external CCTV camera system can help monitor unwanted visitors and their behaviours. Also, Video intercoms can allow home owners to view and control who they will allow to enter their property

Unsettling Stalker Activities in Melbourne

The activities of stalkers can become very unsettling for lone women or even teenage girls and boys, who decide to make the journey home on foot from the station, school, work or restaurant at night time. Stalkers pose a real threat in and around Melbourne, but all is not lost as we at Smarter Security can provide you with the best security systems available on the market today.  Stalkers may pose a threat to your safety, but our CCTV security systems are more than a match for these undesirable characters.

Stalkers’ favourite haunts

Like burglars, stalkers hate being discovered and they will always frequent areas that are isolated and unlit for furthering their stealth efforts. Places like interior and exterior parking lots are perfect places for reconnoitring for potential victims. If for any reason you cannot avoid going through isolated and dark areas, carrying your mobile phone with you is a must. You should have it connected to an alarm system that will alert guards, police or even another mobile phone. There are so many ways of securing your safety and we can help you with our expertise.

The safety of home doesn’t end the episode

To actually experience the frightening chill of being followed and possibly being attacked is an event most of us wouldn’t like to live through. Many who have been placed in such a predicament are always relieved when they reach the safety of their home. However, the danger rarely ends at the gate as some stalkers are not satisfied just by merely following someone. They would rather go all the way and try their luck in breaking in your house and make their stalking worthwhile. To have a CCTV camera system will stop them in their tracks and send them packing.

Never underestimate the tenacity of stalkers

When you find yourself in a serious stalking predicament, we advise that you don’t hesitate but start pushing the mobile buttons and contact someone, even if the incident only looks suspicious. Walk quickly looking back occasionally to determine the distance of your stalker and decide whether to walk calmly or run. Of course the final safety is you home, and if you have taken the wise decision of installing a CCTV surveillance system, you will be safe when you reach home. Our professionals are the best there are in selecting and installing the perfect system for you home.

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