Be always on your guard

One very effective tactic you can use against violent burglars is to always be alert and to be proactive in preventing anyone from entering your premise. Also important is the need to be prepared at all times to counteract anything that may happen during an encounter with a caught burglar. Teach yourself how you will respond during such an encounter and if need be, learn some martial arts defence tactics. Strengthen your entry points, the fence, all the doors, the windows and potential foliage hiding spots by burglars. A thief will use any cover to avoid being detected.

Use the panic button to your advantage

The panic button is a very effective device that can be used in a house, office or business premise such as a retail shop. Its purpose is to alert the user to the existence of an emergency situation that can threaten the person or property. Whether used in a home or a shop, a panic button is exceedingly versatile and can be connected to a monitoring panel or central control room and can act as a silent alarm, a loud bell or even a siren. It doesn’t really matter to what device a panic button is connected. What matters is that it is an extremely safe device to use in securing your house.

A stealth burglar warrants a stealthier opponent

The success of burglars largely depends on the degree of clandestine tactics they use as they go about their objectionable business. If you are not yet aware, we can supply an amazing range of security alarm systems and add-ons that stealthier than any enterprising burglar. One of the most effective is our hidden panic button or holdup buttons that can be embedded into the wall with a burglar none the wiser. They are so versatile they can be interconnected to any alarm system that can be used to alert premise guards, police or even appointees for securing your house.

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