Vandalism – external CCTV can help monitor and deter juveniles or unwanted trouble makers from vandalising or causing unwanted damage to family homes

Vandalism in Melbourne a Constant Threat

Like burglary, vandalism is with us to stay and no matter how hard we try to stamp it out it keeps rebounding back with a vengeance. Why? It’s anybody’s guess but the main thing is that there are security providers like Smarter Security that care about these happenings and provide the needed solutions for them. It’s common knowledge that vagrancy is the main cause of vandalism where gangs of youths with little to occupy their time turn to the less attractive pastime of causing damage to property and homes. There are many of them in and around Melbourne.

A national problem that requires collective effort

Vandalism cannot be wiped out just by security providers but needs the combined effort of government and its offshoots such as municipal councils and law enforcing agencies. A combined approach will minimize the incidence of vandalism and stabilize it while security providers will further reduce the likelihood of them happening. Configuring effective CCTVs for different scenarios of vandalism such as where, how and why they occur offers the best approach for combating the menace. However, a combined effort is the best means of stabilizing its occurrence.

The CCTV security system is the best on the spot solution

There is no doubt that the collective action is needed to effectively contain and minimize vandalism but the most effective on the spot solution is the identification and installation of a perfectly configured CCTV security system that will make vandals wary of doing their vandalizing acts to homes, workplaces and business premises:

  • Home – this is the important haven for your and families and worthwhile caring for both on the interior and exterior parts. The mere fact that a CCTV camera has been installed signals the possibility of getting a vandal’s personal details on film. A prospect even the most daring of culprits will avoid at all costs.
  • Office – this is what puts bread and butter on the table and to have it vandalized can cause a nuisance. Vandals will hit at anything just for the heck of it or for profit. Your car in the indoor or outdoor parking lot is fair game for vandals where damage can set you back thousands of dollars. CCTV cameras located at strategic sites can stop the problem
  • Retail shop – another income earning source for those who opt not to work in offices but to enter the commercial arena. Your shop should be in a neighbourhood that’s well lit and nearly always filled with people. If your shop is in an isolated or unlit area, relocate to where conditions are less susceptible to the work of vandals, but make sure you also have a CCTV security system installed in your business premise.

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