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Retail Store CCTV: Maximizing Profit Using Video Surveillance Systems


Shrinkage is a common problem in the retail business that a retail store CCTV can easily solve. The most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer report says that Australian retailers lose about A$2.7 billion each year to shoplifting, supplier fraud, employee theft, and administrative errors.

It doesn’t need a genius to understand that a reliable safety and security system can take your business one step ahead of your competitors. And in the retail industry where competition is rigid, this is of utmost importance. The goal of having a retail store CCTV is to provide total safety for suppliers, employees, and customers. Given the statistics, however, retail store CCTV doubles as a necessary deterrent against thieves, suspicious activities, and potential burglary.

Often, business owners wait until they get victimized by criminals before installing a security system. But for smart business owners, the notion of criminal activities happening within their business premises is enough motivation to install a retail store CCTV.

Theft Prevention and Detection through Retail Store CCTV

When looking for ways to prevent and detect theft, video surveillance is often the first solution you can think of. This isn’t surprising because video surveillance is known to be effective at identifying suspects. But more importantly, the mere sight of video cameras discourages thieves and other criminals.

Aside from identifying suspicious action at the store, retail store CCTV can also be helpful in detecting unlawful acts in the warehouse, admin office, and other back office areas.

Recent Developments in Surveillance Camera Technologies

Digitalization has given us lots of beneficial technologies including cameras and surveillance tools. High-res images, for example, are recent improvements that an outdated camera can’t provide. These days, camera models can provide GD or even 4K ultra HD resolution images even under poor lighting conditions. The high-res images give you better chances of identifying suspects and detecting crimes.

Cameras that offer 180- or 360-degree views are also impressive developments in the security industry. They are also known as panoramic cameras that sole the usual problem of blind spots in old cameras.

Still other retail store CCTV systems include in-video analytics which is a valuable tool a smart business owner wouldn’t want to miss. With this advanced technology, the operator can respond to alerts as they happen. Monitoring numerous videos at once is no longer needed. Security staff can work on other crucial tasks.

It is surprising, however, that some retail businesses don’t take advantage of retail store CCTV technologies. This is perplexing because security cameras offer indispensable benefits to retail businesses.

Providing Better Security in Large Facilities Using Network Video Surveillance


Fences and security guards can keep some establishments safe, but critical infrastructures need network video surveillance and more advanced solutions for their security. This sophisticated technology can provide better security in large facilities.

Security breaches are still common in airports even though improved security measures have been put in place after civilian aviation was recognized as a potential terrorist target. In Australia, there were 21, 146 incidents of suspicious packages and breaches across ten airports from July 2010 to 2014, the Australian Federal Police reported. During the same period, 2, 621 apprehensions and 312 arrests were made related to those incidents.

Two things can be deduced from this. First, it’s not easy to protect large areas, and second, burglars can’t be stopped by barbed wire fences alone.

Critical facilities such as power plants, banks, and hospitals are as vulnerable as airports are. The same can be said about the manufacturing industry. Network video surveillance is what all these facilities need to keep their physical assets and properties secure.

Advanced network video surveillance applications are available these days. They offer the advantage of manageability and accessibility. They allow security personnel to be alerted in real time when the system detects suspicious activities. Instantaneous analysis of video data is possible with this sophisticated technology.

Security personnel can now focus their attention on other high-risk tasks rather than keep their eyes glued on multiple video feeds. The system also provides irrefutable forensic evidence in case actual breaches happen because video data can be retrieved easily. If the exact time and place of an incident is known, operators can find the video through their timestamps.

Problems in Outdoor Video Surveillance

Outdoor video surveillance poses a host of problems. Lighting conditions is but one of them. While some changes in the environment can be predicted, there are some that can’t be predetermined. Sophisticated network cameras can identify changes in lighting conditions and automatically adjust their settings to produce high quality images.

Adverse weather conditions are the archenemy of network video surveillance systems, but only if they do not have the current technology of Intelligent Video Analytics. This technology lowers the rate of false alarms by differentiating the motions of an object of interest from that of moving water or flying leaves.

Network video surveillance cameras with Intelligent Defog also provide clear images even in low-contrast environments like places with air pollution, mist or fog.

No matter the weather conditions, network video surveillance provides better security in large facilities. Keep your mind at ease by installing one for your business.


Buying an Access Control System: 4 Questions to Ask


There are important things to consider when buying an access control system since not all models are the same. Running a business successfully requires strict control over the access to your facility. Therefore, you need to make sure you pick the best system available in the market.

One of the things you need to think about is the nature of your business. Do you deal with after-hours deliveries from third-party vendors? Do you hire third-party cleaning and maintenance crew that require access to your facility? Are there regular visitors that may need temporary access to your facility? Are there employee theft incidents you want to prevent?

Another thing to consider are the specific areas that need safeguarding. Do you need to secure multiple areas and monitor using a single software? What are the areas susceptible to intrusion?

Knowing the most critical needs of your business helps you make a smart decision when buying an access control system. Once you determine all that, answer the following questions:

  1. Will my business benefit best from cloud-based or hosted access control system?

When buying an access control system, being aware of the benefits of a cloud-based or hosted solution is essential. A hosted or cloud-based system eliminates manual upgrade of technology. The solution does it for you. This ensures that your data is stored securely, your security system is backed up properly, and your software is updated regularly.

  1. Can this solution be scaled according to my business’ future needs?

Security technology is a fast-paced industry where new software is introduced regularly. If you want to keep up with the changing times, you need to find a scalable model when buying an access control system.

Find a solution that can grow as your business grows. For example, if you want your access control system to be connected to a CCTV in the future, you need to find a solution that makes that kind of integration possible.

  1. Is this solution accessible through my mobile device?

Almost everything is mobile-optimized these days. If your access control system isn’t, you are not taking advantage of the latest technology. Buying an access control system that’s accessible through a mobile device is a smart move for savvy business owners who are always on the go.

Make sure you pick an access control system that is compatible with your desktop and mobile device and can run on both iOS and Android.

  1. Where do I find a security system that fits my needs?

Finally, you need to find out who can provide you the kind of access control system that meets all your requirements. The company should have good reputation, be reliable, and knowledgeable of the current security technology trends.

Make sure your facility is safe. Make a smart decision when buying an access control system.

Accountability is a Major Responsibility


In any home, business or workplace environment there is always someone responsible for deciding whether or not to purchase and install a security surveillance system. When considering this aspect of security systems at Smarter Security, we maintain that consultation is important to successful usage. Discussions are very important just as when customers approach us to help them identify and install a security system for them. We believe this should also apply within the home, the business and workplace because it fosters transparent awareness, concord and acceptance.

A lack of accountability can create problems

Various instances show that the identification and installation of security cameras are processed without prior public discussions. Discussions are very important especially at institutions such as universities, hospitals, schools and other public places. What can happen at these public institutions is that some members may not take kindly to their privacy being overlooked and it can result in a string of events that may lead to serious challenges in privacy claims that normally result in the involvement of law enforcement officers, lawyers and the like.

Who should be accountable for security

It is important that for a home, the husband and wife should decide whether or not to have a security system installed. They know the layout, their needs for security protection and their ability to procure a suitable system. For a business, the owner along with senior members of the business should discuss the matter and make the right decision. The same applies for an office environment where more than two people are involved in the overall operation and security of the workplace. A consensus of opinion is always the best way for making a well informed decision.

Security concerns should be top priority

A responsible and accountable outlook is the essence of any security initiative whenever it is decided to select and install a security system in any premises. Any action that relates to the safety of a home or any other premise should be based on a responsible regard for the proper security of the home. The couple or person that makes the decision on whether or not to procure and install surveillance cameras must base their decision on known historical events that make the move necessary and vital for the security of the occupants.

Contact us

If you are truly concerned about the security of your home, retail store or office, we can allay your fears by installing the ideal security system for your premises. Ring us now on 03 8513 0479 for our free quote and your premises will be rendered safe and secure.

CCTV Helping to catch burglars


Good News but Still a Long Way to Go

There has been a smattering of good news from around the world that the level of crime against property has drastically declined but burglar incidents are still being reported by police at still high levels of occurrence. There is still a long way to go and at Smarter Security we are letting up our efforts in the fight against burglar activity in both the home and businesses. Both these premises are very important to family and business executives respectively and every effort should be made to protect them.


The standard mode of surveillance

At Smarter Security in Melbourne, we’ve been accustomed to the idea of combining several CCTV cameras at a home or business premise with a system as an on premise personalized surveillance system. This has worked to expectations but another more promising alternative has just appeared and promises to be the solution for the future. The cloud now offers users the opportunity of monitoring whatever is going on in your home, retail shop or office from wherever you are located. This is new with additional features that were absent before in the CCTV system.

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We are also experts at helping you move to the cloud in the best possible manner. Just call us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will help you make the transition without putting your system at risk.

Systems for Homes & Businesses


Perfect for Homes and Businesses

Like your home, your business is also very valuable and at Smarter Security we also take note of that fact. We are ardent believers in securing your workplace so that it is safe and sound against unwanted intrusions. There’s no doubt you’ve invested a great deal of money in setting up and operating your business and you have every right in wanting your business to operate smoothly and safely. We can assist you in achieving that very goal.

We are the best at our trade

The kind of service that we offer businesses around the Melbourne area is top-notch. Our services are not only first class but are also comprehensive in scope. We are experts at analysing security needs and we can advise any business corporation about the type of security alarm system that is totally suitable for enhancing the safety and security of its premises. We know the business inside out. After all, we have been operating successfully and accumulating expertise in the trade for the past 25 years.

Burglars don’t like alarm systems

But we don’t stop there. We don’t sit on our laurels and pat each other on the back and sit back and relax. No, we explore other ways of improving on our service and we have found we can attach additional facilitators to our alarm systems such as duress systems and smoke detection as well as medical emergency alerts. There’s no end to our efforts in improving our services and the final scenario is this; that our alarm systems are a curse to burglars – they just can’t stand them. During their rounds to pick their likely victim, they usually spy one of our siren boxes and when they do, they know that a burglar alarm system has been installed and they choose another target.

What we have in store for businesses

We have the latest in safety technology equipment in stock right now at very reasonable prices which unmatched anywhere. We have just the right alarm system configuration to suit small businesses but without the high price tag. Our video cameras are the latest models along with our very effective motion detectors. Our glass break detectors are totally effective and together with our mobile online apps and efficient alarm systems, are the envy of our competitors. We are very confident of our products and we want you to feel the same. Call for a quote and you will be surprised at how cheap our alarm system products are.

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If you own a small business and want to protect your asset and wealth, call us on 03 8513 0479  and we will be more than happy to be of service and provide you with the best alarm system that will take care of your security problems.



Stay Out of My House!


At Smarter Security, we are keen monitors of security statistics. We have alluded to the U.S. 2005 burglary statistics of 2005 but burglaries during 2006 go over the top! A staggering $4 billion worth of property was lost averaging $1,800 per house owner. Amazingly, 66% of all burglaries targeted residents and 63% of these took place in broad daylight. Some food for thought, but don’t be too surprised if we tell you that burglaries are also happening here in Melbourne. Like you, we are very much alarmed by all this and we want to assist you the best way we can, automatically or manually.


We have looked at some of the do-it-yourself safety practices that can be done and we have also looked at using a combination of automatic and manual security initiatives. We have looked at different lines of defences as if we are doing battle with an unseen foe and we have looked at lighting up and strengthening everything to foil entry. But is there an ultimately best way to prevent a burglar from entering your home?

There is a saying that you need a thief to catch a thief so why not become and think like one? A burglar is obviously determined to enter your house and he or she will eventually do so, unless you make it too darned difficult for them by staying one or two steps ahead. You need to think like a thief and pre-empt their every move:

  • Personal reconnoitring – this is an extremely important maneuver that many house owners overlook. A thief will look for weaknesses; you discover them first and act with your own counter measures. Reconnoitre the interior and exterior of your house and look for likely places that may serve as entry points.
  • Deadbolt lock – the kingpin for foiling entry when affixed to a very solid door. A a very strong frame with at least an inch of throw or entry into the door frame for a tight lockup. It should be a double cylinder lock with key passages from the inside and exterior side of the door. This is excellent for doors with glass panes within easy reach of the lock area. A thief will think that after breaking the glass, it will be only a matter of turning the door knob but alas, a flat metal plate with a keyhole minus the key meets the burglar’s outreaching hand.
  • A very solid door – if you really don’t want your house broken into and pilfered, pay very serious attention to the kind of door you install. If you have extraordinary valuables to safeguard, go for a solid metal door. What can be more solid that metal? Thieves may learn of it but they can hardly do anything about it can they? It is like having a moat and drawbridge all rolled into one. The metal is your moat and the whole door is your drawbridge.
  • Sliding doors – don’t simply place wood or broom ao other impediments to stop your sliding doors and windows from opening. Be serious! Your foe is very determined. Get keyed locks to make them extra difficult to open.

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Just ponder a little and visualize that you have followed each of these four indispensible steps. Would it not be awesome to have an automated surveillance and lighting systems put in place to complement them? It would add weight to your efforts in keeping burglars out would it not? If you think so, ring us now on  03 8513 0479 and we will help you make the best decision for your house.

Habits to Avoid when Promoting House Safety.


As individual house owners we sometimes forget that having many people around us can act as a deterrent against having our houses broken into and robbed. One of the most effective means of protecting your house and possibly your own life, is that of befriending your neighbours.


Friendly neighbours can act as extra eyes, ears and voices for you and in times of danger, they can provide prompt assistance. However, there are other habits that can compromise this excellent safety precaution:

  • One very disturbing habit is pasting revealing information to friends or family members on doors, that can be gleaned over by service people or anyone passing by. The pasted note not only reveals an unoccupied house but it also implies that the occupant may be gone for some time. This is an open invitation to thieves to break in and enter at their leisure. This habit must be avoided.
  • There are always blind spots around most houses which are usually dark and spooky. These become the first targets for burglars who know the area is not frequented and provide a perfect hiding space for perpetrators. Lighting must be provided for these areas, especially those at the back with an adjoining wall separating your house from your neighbour’s.
  • Admittedly, neighbours will holler the moment some unusual event takes place near your house, but they will scarcely take notice of a car or strange person who happens to arrive in the vicinity. You should approach your neighbours and ask them if any suspicious looking car parking in the vicinity of your house or a strange person lurking near your house.
  • Trees do offer a cooling effect to your house but those close to windows can become a ladder to any burglar or they can obstruct your view from identifying one. You should re-consider the landscape around your house and remove those that can become a safety threat to your house or yourself.
  • Sometimes, burglars gain entrance into houses by obtaining information from phone directories and checking out the names displayed on mailboxes. If you have to write down your name, use only your initials and your last name.
  • Many sales people travel extensively and make their rounds knocking on doors in order to sell their products. You should not accept them in, simply because they are sales persons. You must confirm their identity by asking them to reveal their ID card or by checking with the visitor’s office.
  • Sometimes more enterprising burglars can approach your home and ask to use your phone. Don’t fall for this trick despite your emotional inclinations. Your trust and kindness may endanger yourself and your valuables. Be steadfast and keep the door locked while you display your help within the safety of your home by ringing the desired number and passing the message to the visitor.

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Burglars operate under many disguises and strategies and you need to pre-empt any move that they are able to make. We can offer you our assistance in this field along with our ability in providing you with our latest automated surveillance systems. Call us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will pay you a visit and assist you in making your house totally burglar proof.

Find the Best CCTV Security Solution


If you are in need of CCTV Security cameras, at SmarterSecurity, we will assist you in designing a security system that is not only the best, but also affordable. What makes us unique is that we listen to your need and customize the security system as per your requirements. This ensures that you buy a security system that is perfect for your type of business or home. Different businesses and homes require different security systems. This is the reason we first listen to your requirement and guide you so you buy the perfect system.


We provide a wide range of high quality CCTV Security systems that are tailored to your specific needs. The alarms, biometric access systems, keypad, and CCTV are all designed for your needs. Our specialists will help you not only buying the ideal systems, but they will also guide you in installing the systems in your home or business.

Best service ever!

We have been in this business for many years. Due to the wide experience in the business, our highly trained specialists know what it takes to provide the best and highest security for your business or home. Our experts will analyze the location of your business and install the system in the most critical locations. This ensures that you have full surveillance of the most critical locations of your business or home.

We are providing the best CCTV Security systems. We give you a one-year warranty where you can return the system if it spoils, or if you are dissatisfied with it. As long as you return the system within the guarantee period, we will refund the full amount you spent buying the system.

When it comes to installing the system, our specialists will install the system safely without damaging any of your buildings. Unlike other installers who bore hundreds of holes in your walls or roof, we use the latest technology to install the CCTV Security systems. The latest technology allows us to install the security system efficiently with least damage to your property.

To contact us, all you need to do is to go to our website. From there, you can get our phone number that you can call 24 hours a day all week long. In addition, you can contact us by filling the contact form on the website at Therefore, what are waiting for, contact us for a free quote today. You can also ask us any question and we will get you back soon!



Professional CCTV Installation in Melbourne


If you are looking for the top-notch professional CCTV installation in Melbourne, you are in the right place. A CCTV camera is a prerequisite in every home or business nowadays. The cameras make sure that your property is protected. The system also eliminates the need for an on-site security staff. You do not need to spend money on the security staff. If you are considering installing a CCTV for your home or business, you should give first priority to security camera professionals. We are the best CCTV Installation in Melbourne specialists you can just depend on. At SmarterSecurity, you will find everything you need to protect your business and home.

We secure your business

Installing a CCTV system in your business is one of the best decisions you will ever make. The system works by transmitting electronic signals from video cameras (located at strategic locations) to a number of monitors. When you choose us, we at will install the system in your premises and place the cameras in the most crucial locations on your property. This will ensure that you do not miss any occurrence to your property and business.

We secure your home too

If you are rarely at home, do not worry. We have a great selection of the best digital cameras that are perfect for monitoring what is going on and around your home. We have both color and black and white CCTV models designed with the best and latest technology. The cameras are either digital or infrared sensitive. All the cameras are capable to handle low light conditions. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the cameras will fail to work at night. We never failed to provide the best CCTV Installation in Melbourne for our customers.

We have the best systems and specialists in Melbourne

All our systems are of the highest quality and of the latest technology. We provide you with a one-year warranty. If the system spoils within the one year, you can return it to us and we will refund you the full amount or we can replace the spoilt system at no cost.

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Our specialists are highly skilled. Other than installing the cameras for you, they will advise you on the best camera that will give you the best service.  There are different types of CCTV Installation in Melbourne cameras designed for different security purposes. For example, a camera best for a hardware business may not be ideal for a manufacturing business. To ensure that you buy the ideal camera for your business or home, our experts will sit down with you and guide you on every step of the way.

To get a free quote for CCTV Installation in Melbourne, call us today!