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That Small Oversight Can Cause you Plenty of Misery


Many house owners fail to realize that the smallest oversight will invite disaster into your house. Most of the time, they are so engrossed with other things in the home, they forgot to lock the door at the back, side door, or even the garage door that has direct access to the whole house! At Smarter Securities we’ve heard so many weird stories about something in the house that went missing without anyone in the house realizing it. They only found out about 6 hours or even a whole day after it went missing. Organize your day It pays to do some really serious thinking about how to organize your day the moment you wake up. We’re not suggesting that you zap everywhere in the house chasing an imaginary burglar, looking under the table, the closets, the attic, the basement every time you wake up. We’re suggesting you logically organize your day. Before you start doing your chores for the day, think about the vulnerable spots. Begin with the doors and windows and tightly lock up any that don’t need to be opened. Lock them up tightly. Know where you’ll be most of the day Think about where you will be working most of the day. If you are going to be in the garden, make sure you shut all the doors that are far away from where you are. Lock the back door for sure and bolt down the front door from the inside, not just close it. These two doors are going to be the vulnerable entry points simply because they will be at some distance from you. Make sure that when you are working, you are facing the house most of the time but if you find it impossible to keep the house in your line of vision turn towards it occasionally as you work. Think as you work Sometimes, our mind focuses on something we are doing and we forget about other things including the house. Burglars nowadays have become very resourceful and intuitive in their clandestine activities that it’s impossible to figure out what they can do when nobody is watching. They only need a minute to open a door or window and spend about five minutes in the house without your noticing. Be alert all the time even while you’re working outside the house. Contact us The best solution of course is to install an alarm or intercom system in your house, or better still, a CCTV system and if you have an urgent need to do any of them, ring us now on o3 8513 0479 and we’ll set up an appropriate system for you house in a jiff.

Stopping Burglars during Christmas


Christmas is another festive season when most homeowners throw caution to the winds and immerse themselves in the joys of family gatherings, parties, social gatherings, gift sharing and a lot more. They tend to forget that Christmas is also a bounty season for burglars who know that many houses will be empty and people are at their lowest scale of alertness. Others who know better will take every precaution to make their home secure during the festivities. Installing the right home security products is a step in the right direction.

Priority #1 – home security

The security of your home takes precedence over all other security issues and therefore the ways and means of achieving this goal should be of high priority. Here are just a few of those them:

  • Install top quality locks on all your doors and windows.
  • Sensor lights installed at each and every dark section of the house will act as a deterrent to people having ulterior motives and alert your neighbours of the presence of strangers.
  • Buying and installing an alarm system will add strength to the security of your home
  • Consider replacing your screens with security screens. These offer extra protection against intruders, but look just like ordinary screens.

Priority #2 – feigned presence               

You can make arrangements with you neighbour to do some minor tasks for you that will make it look like you are still around. These tactics will have a huge effect in preventing burglars from robbing your house:

  • Hang some old clothes on the clothesline and ask your neighbour to take your rubbish bin out for emptying and to store it afterwards. Parking a car in your empty driveway is a convincing way of making people think you are still at home. Ask a favour of your neighbour to do this for you.
  • Your lights can be synchronized by an automatic timer to go on and off at regular intervals and at the usual times when they are supposed to.
  • Leaving a porch light on during the day sends a signal to burglars that no one is in the house and a very sure sign of an empty house is when the bedroom lights are left on all night. Make sure you turn off these lights before you depart.
  • Long grass in the yard is a sure give away sign so make sure you have the lawn mowed down before departure. Calling in a garden maintenance to do some periodic garden facelift, will give nothing away about your absence on a long vacation.
  • Piling up of mail in the mailbox and newspapers strewn on the lawn are sure signs of an empty house. Ask the post office to hold your mail until your return and ask your neighbour to dispose of the newspapers.
  • A classic system you can enlist help from is a home automation system. The system is so technically advanced it can do almost the same things a human can. When you have one installed you will have the control of your home at your fingertips while you are on a layback armchair sipping your favourite drink.



Protecting Your Home During Holidays


4-cctvLooming Summer Holidays

For many people to the north, escaping the dreary cold of winter for the glimmer and shine of summer down south is always a time to look forward to. But alas, many also frown on the prospect of leaving their home unattended and left at the mercy of burglars while they are enjoying themselves somewhere in Australia or Africa and vice versa for the southerners. They certainly don’t like the prospect of having their home entered and burglarized while they are work up a suntan somewhere in Argentina or Brazil. But there are solutions and here are just a few of them.

The first line of defence

We all know that neighbours will help us when we are absent. What we don’t always appreciate is that a strong security fence can do more than that. It can actually act as a deterrent to burglars. Before you depart for your vacation this coming summer, enlist the services of a professional fencing contractor, to install a strong security fence around your property. Tell him to build a high fence at the back of your house to discourage intruders from entering your home that way.

Light up the grounds

Grounds that are covered in darkness are fertile hunting grounds for burglars. The panacea for this ailment is in having bright lights cover every dark sport around your house and grounds. You should install emergency lighting for the dark corners, back and sides of your house, the reason being that they provide potential hiding places for robbers and thieves. You can even install motion sensing lights at strategic places to assist in lighting up the whole grounds at automatic intervals. Doing so will divert the interests of burglars to other less defended robbery sites.

Have your pool fenced

If you have a pool, properly fencing it is basic common sense as it is required by law that a pool must be fenced.  Pool fencing is not only necessary but is also advisable if you want to add more security to your home. A properly fenced pool will add hindrance to burglars who may try to access your house by approaching from the pool area.

Install an alarm system

Installing a home security system in your house will add safety to your home when you are not there. Your neighbours will hear the alarm go off and will investigate. Alternatively, you should approach your local police station and tell them of your absence. They will provide periodic patrols to your house and a patrol may coincide with the activation of your alarm system.

The automated solution

One of the most efficient security options is having a home automation system installed. The system can practically do all your activities for you as if you were still in the house. Some of the tasks it can do include opening and shutting doors, draw and open curtains, turn the lights on and off at synchronized intervals from you mobile phone and so on. It’s just colossal and you’ll be surprised at its affordable price.

The Right Security System for Confronting Theft


Statistics tell us that burglary is here to stay but this knowledge should act as catalyst within the cities and suburbs of Australia, that urges us not to be complacent but to continue fortifying our homes in the most effective way we can. For cities like Melbourne and Sydney the figures are alarming while for Australia generally, they are less so. Nevertheless, the right mentality to adopt is that of being proactive rather than being complacent. We need to identify the ideal home security system and install it in our homes.


What is available on the market?

The market can offer 3 types of home security systems like the:

  • Audio alarm systems
  • Visual alarm systems
  • Physical security systems
  • A combination of all 3
  • Audio alarm systems

Alarm systems range from the basic models to the more sophisticated models and perform different functions. The simpler alarm models can do singular functions like activating sirens while the more sophisticated models can perform a myriad of functions such as wireless activation, sounding alerts and video feed injection into the used system. CCTV systems are also very popular mainly because they can provide a 24 hour monitoring service and they can scare away burglars by their seen presence.

  • Visual security systems

Because of the forbidden nature of their activities burglars tend to pick the right moment for carrying out their robberies. They are excellent opportunists and their core strategy is of course to execute their deed without being caught. They will conduct a careful inspection of the robbery site and identify the best places for hiding and for rapid entry into and out of a house. To thwart this enterprising survey, you should thoroughly clean the side of your house from shrubs and other potential hiding places. Use outdoor lighting at the sides and back of the house to deter burglars from entering.

  • Physical security systems

From statistics, we know that 80% of thieves use the front and back doors as their main gateway. The panacea is simple; get a locksmith to replace all the door handles and locks with dependable locks and deadbolts. with high security locks and deadbolts. In addition, tell him to make all your windows lockable by fixing locks that can only be opened with a key.

  • An impregnable system

The perfect system is of course is one that can never be burglarized. A system of that calibre can only be realized by combining all the systems that can be put in place. If for example your home had a security fence, screened doors and windows, outdoor lights, alarm and CCTV systems, it would be near impossible to break into it. By the time you add a home automation system to what you already have, you will have what would amount to be a totally impregnable fortress and that would be fantastic! It will definitely cost you though and you would have to weigh the cost of installing such a system against the benefits that you will enjoy from such a system.

Getting Away from It All


Every now and then the urge to just leave everything behind and go out of your home comes by. It really doesn’t matter whether the outing is for the day or a week to enjoy the countryside hiking or mountain climbing, or whether it is a long trek overseas. Whatever the reason, fulfilling the urge will mean that you will be leaving your home turf. You definitely don’t want you place to be an easy target for burglars especially if even your neighbours will be absent, so you need to secure your property prior your departure. But what should you do?

Addressing the security issue

You can make sure that a few things are in place before your leave your house:

  • The street number is the first thing police, fire and ambulance will look for when an emergency happens. Ensure that it is clearly displayed and visible for them to see it.
  • Make sure that your fences and gates can effectively prevent unwanted intrusion. The most effective deterrents against burglars is strong steel fencing or concrete fencing.
  • Clear visibility of your house and surroundings can effectively dampen the enthusiasm of burglars in knowing that any approach to you home may likely be spotted by others. Cut any excess foliage around you house and grounds.
  • Empty out your mailboxes before leaving you house. The mailbox acts like a magnet to thieves and valuable information left in it may well become their property.
  • Unsecured windows are weak entry points that burglars find as favourite targets. To make sure that your windows are burglar proof, install locks on all your windows that can be opened only by a key.
  • If by chance thieves do find their way in and take away some of your belongings, the only way to retrieve them is by having their serial numbers recorded. Make sure that you record the serial numbers for your items.
  • Make sure that you never forget to lock you doors and windows the moment you exit your home, even if your absence will only be for short period.
  • Deception is a form of protection that you can use to secure you home. For instance, when you go out to a restaurant for dinner, leave the lights, radio and/or television on to give the impression that someone is still in the house.
  •  A serious mistake that homeowners often make is to leave a key outside the house. Make no mistake. A seasoned burglar already knows all the likely places where a key may be hidden so refrain from committing this mistake.
  • Always ensure that all other access points into the house are securely locked anytime you are viewing the television or doing gardening outside.
  • Having all sorts of valuables in your house is one very good reason why you should invest in a safe. Otherwise, you should install a fully integrated CCTV system to protect your valuables.
  • Be warned that the favourite entry point burglars target most during their robberies is the garage, the bedroom and the kitchen.
  • Keep in mind that the most common entry point got a burglary is the garage, followed by the bedroom and kitchen and secure your home appropriately.

Systems for Homes & Businesses


Perfect for Homes and Businesses

Like your home, your business is also very valuable and at Smarter Security we also take note of that fact. We are ardent believers in securing your workplace so that it is safe and sound against unwanted intrusions. There’s no doubt you’ve invested a great deal of money in setting up and operating your business and you have every right in wanting your business to operate smoothly and safely. We can assist you in achieving that very goal.

We are the best at our trade

The kind of service that we offer businesses around the Melbourne area is top-notch. Our services are not only first class but are also comprehensive in scope. We are experts at analysing security needs and we can advise any business corporation about the type of security alarm system that is totally suitable for enhancing the safety and security of its premises. We know the business inside out. After all, we have been operating successfully and accumulating expertise in the trade for the past 25 years.

Burglars don’t like alarm systems

But we don’t stop there. We don’t sit on our laurels and pat each other on the back and sit back and relax. No, we explore other ways of improving on our service and we have found we can attach additional facilitators to our alarm systems such as duress systems and smoke detection as well as medical emergency alerts. There’s no end to our efforts in improving our services and the final scenario is this; that our alarm systems are a curse to burglars – they just can’t stand them. During their rounds to pick their likely victim, they usually spy one of our siren boxes and when they do, they know that a burglar alarm system has been installed and they choose another target.

What we have in store for businesses

We have the latest in safety technology equipment in stock right now at very reasonable prices which unmatched anywhere. We have just the right alarm system configuration to suit small businesses but without the high price tag. Our video cameras are the latest models along with our very effective motion detectors. Our glass break detectors are totally effective and together with our mobile online apps and efficient alarm systems, are the envy of our competitors. We are very confident of our products and we want you to feel the same. Call for a quote and you will be surprised at how cheap our alarm system products are.

Contact us

If you own a small business and want to protect your asset and wealth, call us on 03 8513 0479  and we will be more than happy to be of service and provide you with the best alarm system that will take care of your security problems.



Stay Out of My House!


At Smarter Security, we are keen monitors of security statistics. We have alluded to the U.S. 2005 burglary statistics of 2005 but burglaries during 2006 go over the top! A staggering $4 billion worth of property was lost averaging $1,800 per house owner. Amazingly, 66% of all burglaries targeted residents and 63% of these took place in broad daylight. Some food for thought, but don’t be too surprised if we tell you that burglaries are also happening here in Melbourne. Like you, we are very much alarmed by all this and we want to assist you the best way we can, automatically or manually.


We have looked at some of the do-it-yourself safety practices that can be done and we have also looked at using a combination of automatic and manual security initiatives. We have looked at different lines of defences as if we are doing battle with an unseen foe and we have looked at lighting up and strengthening everything to foil entry. But is there an ultimately best way to prevent a burglar from entering your home?

There is a saying that you need a thief to catch a thief so why not become and think like one? A burglar is obviously determined to enter your house and he or she will eventually do so, unless you make it too darned difficult for them by staying one or two steps ahead. You need to think like a thief and pre-empt their every move:

  • Personal reconnoitring – this is an extremely important maneuver that many house owners overlook. A thief will look for weaknesses; you discover them first and act with your own counter measures. Reconnoitre the interior and exterior of your house and look for likely places that may serve as entry points.
  • Deadbolt lock – the kingpin for foiling entry when affixed to a very solid door. A a very strong frame with at least an inch of throw or entry into the door frame for a tight lockup. It should be a double cylinder lock with key passages from the inside and exterior side of the door. This is excellent for doors with glass panes within easy reach of the lock area. A thief will think that after breaking the glass, it will be only a matter of turning the door knob but alas, a flat metal plate with a keyhole minus the key meets the burglar’s outreaching hand.
  • A very solid door – if you really don’t want your house broken into and pilfered, pay very serious attention to the kind of door you install. If you have extraordinary valuables to safeguard, go for a solid metal door. What can be more solid that metal? Thieves may learn of it but they can hardly do anything about it can they? It is like having a moat and drawbridge all rolled into one. The metal is your moat and the whole door is your drawbridge.
  • Sliding doors – don’t simply place wood or broom ao other impediments to stop your sliding doors and windows from opening. Be serious! Your foe is very determined. Get keyed locks to make them extra difficult to open.

Contact us

Just ponder a little and visualize that you have followed each of these four indispensible steps. Would it not be awesome to have an automated surveillance and lighting systems put in place to complement them? It would add weight to your efforts in keeping burglars out would it not? If you think so, ring us now on  03 8513 0479 and we will help you make the best decision for your house.

Hidden Weaknesses are the Most Vulnerable!


You now know most of the weaknesses or blind spots around your house but even with this complementary knowledge, the problem does not end there. Did you know for instance that in the U.S. a burglar breaks into a home and burglarizes an average of $1,725 every time? It is a very serious concern. In 2005 alone, a total of over 2 million cases of burglary took place in that country. At Smarter Security, we study these trends, understand them and employ every trick in the book to combat them because the burglaries that happen elsewhere are also rife in Australia, albeit on a smaller scale.


The most disturbing aspect of these burglaries is that the homes involved were considered safe. They had sturdy locks, neighbours, moat, dogs, alarm systems, window bars and what not! Yet, the burglaries still took place. Why? We and other safety analysts believe that most of these homes have safety flaws. Furthermore, burglars are experts at identifying these flaws and using them to their advantage. Some of the flaws are readily apparent, while others are more hidden and as with all hidden things that stimulate curiosity, so too are burglars drawn to these hidden flaws.  But take heart! All is not lost because they can easily be solved. We will discuss a few of these hidden weaknesses:

  • In our haste to tell friends and family members of an impending and exciting vacation abroad in Venice, we overlook the safety connotations. This is now very easy to do. We have the computer and messages fly in an out at dazzling speeds on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + and numerous other social media. We forget that we are not alone and the message we send out can become ammunition for burglars. Unless you have very proactive neighbours, it would be wise to keep your whereabouts intact and certainly well away from the internet.
  • Admit that burglars know more about their trade than you know about thwarting them and get yourself thinking that probably, the safest place for a spare key is not under the doormat but safely in the possession of two or more neighbours. In this day and age, one can never be too careful.
  • Insinuate yourself into the burglar’s psyche. Be aware that his/her priority is not being caught and therefore detection is anathema to their purpose. Darkness is still a favourite for cover so lighting up your house and adjoining grounds is the right panacea for this weakness. To burglars, lights mean that people are in the house and this means detection and the ability to call for help. The last thing a burglar wants. Very bright lights out the front and the back are your first line of defence.
  • If a burglar gets past the lights without being seen, the next line of defence is the entry point. The doors must be absolutely solid, made of hardwood or iron to withstand brute force and still stand. The door plating must be heavy duty with four 3 inch screws solidly embedding it into the hardwood frame. You cannot afford to be stingy on the type of door you order. If you are abroad on vacation, and burglars succeed in passing the lights undetected, a sturdy door and heavy duty lock frame can still keep them out.

As experts on house safety, we can help you complement your personal efforts in securing the safety of your house with our automated surveillance system if you so desire. If you do, ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will assist you in making your house a burglar proof abode.


Protect Your House From Any Type of Burglar!


Some safety experts believe that the majority of burglars who do most of the break-ins are amateurs. Whether or not the claim is valid is of minor consequence. At Smarter Security, we are convinced that regardless of whether a burglar is a professional or an amateur, the security of your house must take precedence. This has led us to assist house owners who want a fool proof safety system in place. We believe this can be attained by employing a combination of automated and manual means.

We will assume that you already have an automated system in place. For a fool proof system, you will also require a complementary manual system which should include the following:

  • You may have overlooked weaknesses in your security system after it was installed so check it over by becoming a ‘burglar’ yourself. Use your newly found status and systematically unravel the weaknesses in your security system.
  • Never forget to lock your house door even if you leave your premises for only a short time. Open doors are always an invitation to perpetrators and many have easily found their way into homes as a result of this careless mistake.
  • Whenever you move into a new house, remember that other people once occupied it and they may well possess the same keys they once used to open the doors of the house you now occupy. The keys can be used to gain entrance to your house so change all the locks and tumblers to the doors of your new house.
  • Burglars usually conduct a inspection of a potential target and one thing they look for are loosely fitted wirings. Exposed wires are their prime target so they can disconnect automated systems installed in the house.
  • Sometimes an alarm system is faulty and turns itself on at regular intervals. Most often, people who get used to hearing your alarm going off will stop paying heed to its emergency related purpose.
  • The ingenuity of thieves knows no bounds and they have developed a technique in their arsenal of break-in tactics with a novel ‘loiding’ technique. This practice involves the insertion and pressing of a plastic credit card against a latch tongue to unlock a door. The panacea for this is the use of the deadbolt because it is burglar proof and very difficult to dislodge from its locking position.
  • Sometimes burglars camouflage their identity and enter your home as cleaners, carpenters, electricians and whatever else, whose services you need. You must confirm that they are genuine, honest and diligent at their work before surrendering your keys to them. If they claim they come from a firm, check out their stories and the reputation of the firm that employs them.
  • Another weakness in security measures is the careless placing of spare keys in odd places. Some put their spare keys in the mail box, somewhere in the garage or under the mattress. The safest method is by burying the spare keys in the ground all wrapped up in foil, where you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

Contact us!

One can never be too careful about security matters especially when the safety of your house is at stake. Should you need extra assistance on fool proofing your home against break-ins, contact us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will advise you on how to fool proof your home in the most effective way possible.

An Effective Security Plan is a Must!


Have you ever noticed that for anything to be done right, perfect or safe, there is always a plan? When you want to build something a plan is essential; when you want to start a business, you need a plan. Everything done the right way must be done according to a plan. At Smarter Security we not only worry about effectively protecting your home with our latest CCTV system. We also concern ourselves with manual home security methods that augment our automated systema and we believe having a plan is at the forefront.


What is a security Plan?


It is a workable system for either preventing the occurrence of security breaches or minimizing the damage or loss to property and life that can occur as a result of a break in.  Hence, a security plan can  be used to prevent unwelcomed intrusion and also to prevent or reduce the risk of loss of property and  life.


Components of the plan

  • The first and most important is to identify weaknesses in your fortifications, that is, the potential entry and exit points. Tour the exterior parts of you grounds and identify any vulnerable spots such as possible hiding places, entry and exit points for burglars including dark, alley-like parts of your grounds. Ascertain your lighting needs for eliminating all dark areas outside your home.
  • Next, foil a burglar’s intrusion prospects by installing bright lights to illuminate the whole area of your grounds leaving no blind spots.
  • A combination of manually and automatically Lights activated by movements are the best choice for this exercise.
  • A very sturdy lockout system such as dead bolt locks or heavy duty strike plates will deter entry by force.
  • Using film glass on windows can be an asset in preventing the glass from easily breaking up into tiny pieces, allowing a thief to reach through and unlock the door.  when a perpetrator uses a window to exit the house.
  • To further curtail an escape attempt, placing stop rods in sliding door tracks to prevent an escape route via the sliding doors.
  • To prevent any life threatening accidents in your house, pay attention to the status of all your appliances. Clean the furnace and dryer filters as required; annually flush out your chimney vent; discard any unrequired wiring extensions and monitor your electrical system for overloads. You must ensure the placement of operational fire extinguishers at strategic locations such as the kitchen, basement and garage. kitchen, laundry room, furnace room, garage and so on). Constantly check batteries for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

Enlisting canine assistance

Nothing can compare with the sensitive surveillance capabilities of our canine friend – the dog. Its sense of smell and intuitions is unmatched by the most sensitive of appliances. They possess superior sight and hearing capabilities and are always the first to sound the alarm alerting family members to danger. It can attack unknown intruders by barking or biting, making time for calling police assistance. It is loyal and always vigilant.

Contact us

If you want help with the creation of a fool proof plan for the security of your home, contact us now on 03 8513 0479. We will send our expert staff to inspect house grounds and recommend a plan that can work in consort with our automatic systems if you wish.