Perfect for Homes and Businesses

Like your home, your business is also very valuable and at Smarter Security we also take note of that fact. We are ardent believers in securing your workplace so that it is safe and sound against unwanted intrusions. There’s no doubt you’ve invested a great deal of money in setting up and operating your business and you have every right in wanting your business to operate smoothly and safely. We can assist you in achieving that very goal.

We are the best at our trade

The kind of service that we offer businesses around the Melbourne area is top-notch. Our services are not only first class but are also comprehensive in scope. We are experts at analysing security needs and we can advise any business corporation about the type of security alarm system that is totally suitable for enhancing the safety and security of its premises. We know the business inside out. After all, we have been operating successfully and accumulating expertise in the trade for the past 25 years.

Burglars don’t like alarm systems

But we don’t stop there. We don’t sit on our laurels and pat each other on the back and sit back and relax. No, we explore other ways of improving on our service and we have found we can attach additional facilitators to our alarm systems such as duress systems and smoke detection as well as medical emergency alerts. There’s no end to our efforts in improving our services and the final scenario is this; that our alarm systems are a curse to burglars – they just can’t stand them. During their rounds to pick their likely victim, they usually spy one of our siren boxes and when they do, they know that a burglar alarm system has been installed and they choose another target.

What we have in store for businesses

We have the latest in safety technology equipment in stock right now at very reasonable prices which unmatched anywhere. We have just the right alarm system configuration to suit small businesses but without the high price tag. Our video cameras are the latest models along with our very effective motion detectors. Our glass break detectors are totally effective and together with our mobile online apps and efficient alarm systems, are the envy of our competitors. We are very confident of our products and we want you to feel the same. Call for a quote and you will be surprised at how cheap our alarm system products are.

Contact us

If you own a small business and want to protect your asset and wealth, call us on 03 8513 0479  and we will be more than happy to be of service and provide you with the best alarm system that will take care of your security problems.