Some safety experts believe that the majority of burglars who do most of the break-ins are amateurs. Whether or not the claim is valid is of minor consequence. At Smarter Security, we are convinced that regardless of whether a burglar is a professional or an amateur, the security of your house must take precedence. This has led us to assist house owners who want a fool proof safety system in place. We believe this can be attained by employing a combination of automated and manual means.

We will assume that you already have an automated system in place. For a fool proof system, you will also require a complementary manual system which should include the following:

  • You may have overlooked weaknesses in your security system after it was installed so check it over by becoming a ‘burglar’ yourself. Use your newly found status and systematically unravel the weaknesses in your security system.
  • Never forget to lock your house door even if you leave your premises for only a short time. Open doors are always an invitation to perpetrators and many have easily found their way into homes as a result of this careless mistake.
  • Whenever you move into a new house, remember that other people once occupied it and they may well possess the same keys they once used to open the doors of the house you now occupy. The keys can be used to gain entrance to your house so change all the locks and tumblers to the doors of your new house.
  • Burglars usually conduct a inspection of a potential target and one thing they look for are loosely fitted wirings. Exposed wires are their prime target so they can disconnect automated systems installed in the house.
  • Sometimes an alarm system is faulty and turns itself on at regular intervals. Most often, people who get used to hearing your alarm going off will stop paying heed to its emergency related purpose.
  • The ingenuity of thieves knows no bounds and they have developed a technique in their arsenal of break-in tactics with a novel ‘loiding’ technique. This practice involves the insertion and pressing of a plastic credit card against a latch tongue to unlock a door. The panacea for this is the use of the deadbolt because it is burglar proof and very difficult to dislodge from its locking position.
  • Sometimes burglars camouflage their identity and enter your home as cleaners, carpenters, electricians and whatever else, whose services you need. You must confirm that they are genuine, honest and diligent at their work before surrendering your keys to them. If they claim they come from a firm, check out their stories and the reputation of the firm that employs them.
  • Another weakness in security measures is the careless placing of spare keys in odd places. Some put their spare keys in the mail box, somewhere in the garage or under the mattress. The safest method is by burying the spare keys in the ground all wrapped up in foil, where you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

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