Have you ever noticed that for anything to be done right, perfect or safe, there is always a plan? When you want to build something a plan is essential; when you want to start a business, you need a plan. Everything done the right way must be done according to a plan. At Smarter Security we not only worry about effectively protecting your home with our latest CCTV system. We also concern ourselves with manual home security methods that augment our automated systema and we believe having a plan is at the forefront.


What is a security Plan?


It is a workable system for either preventing the occurrence of security breaches or minimizing the damage or loss to property and life that can occur as a result of a break in.  Hence, a security plan can  be used to prevent unwelcomed intrusion and also to prevent or reduce the risk of loss of property and  life.


Components of the plan

  • The first and most important is to identify weaknesses in your fortifications, that is, the potential entry and exit points. Tour the exterior parts of you grounds and identify any vulnerable spots such as possible hiding places, entry and exit points for burglars including dark, alley-like parts of your grounds. Ascertain your lighting needs for eliminating all dark areas outside your home.
  • Next, foil a burglar’s intrusion prospects by installing bright lights to illuminate the whole area of your grounds leaving no blind spots.
  • A combination of manually and automatically Lights activated by movements are the best choice for this exercise.
  • A very sturdy lockout system such as dead bolt locks or heavy duty strike plates will deter entry by force.
  • Using film glass on windows can be an asset in preventing the glass from easily breaking up into tiny pieces, allowing a thief to reach through and unlock the door.  when a perpetrator uses a window to exit the house.
  • To further curtail an escape attempt, placing stop rods in sliding door tracks to prevent an escape route via the sliding doors.
  • To prevent any life threatening accidents in your house, pay attention to the status of all your appliances. Clean the furnace and dryer filters as required; annually flush out your chimney vent; discard any unrequired wiring extensions and monitor your electrical system for overloads. You must ensure the placement of operational fire extinguishers at strategic locations such as the kitchen, basement and garage. kitchen, laundry room, furnace room, garage and so on). Constantly check batteries for smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors.

Enlisting canine assistance

Nothing can compare with the sensitive surveillance capabilities of our canine friend – the dog. Its sense of smell and intuitions is unmatched by the most sensitive of appliances. They possess superior sight and hearing capabilities and are always the first to sound the alarm alerting family members to danger. It can attack unknown intruders by barking or biting, making time for calling police assistance. It is loyal and always vigilant.

Contact us

If you want help with the creation of a fool proof plan for the security of your home, contact us now on 03 8513 0479. We will send our expert staff to inspect house grounds and recommend a plan that can work in consort with our automatic systems if you wish.