Many house owners fail to realize that the smallest oversight will invite disaster into your house. Most of the time, they are so engrossed with other things in the home, they forgot to lock the door at the back, side door, or even the garage door that has direct access to the whole house! At Smarter Securities we’ve heard so many weird stories about something in the house that went missing without anyone in the house realizing it. They only found out about 6 hours or even a whole day after it went missing. Organize your day It pays to do some really serious thinking about how to organize your day the moment you wake up. We’re not suggesting that you zap everywhere in the house chasing an imaginary burglar, looking under the table, the closets, the attic, the basement every time you wake up. We’re suggesting you logically organize your day. Before you start doing your chores for the day, think about the vulnerable spots. Begin with the doors and windows and tightly lock up any that don’t need to be opened. Lock them up tightly. Know where you’ll be most of the day Think about where you will be working most of the day. If you are going to be in the garden, make sure you shut all the doors that are far away from where you are. Lock the back door for sure and bolt down the front door from the inside, not just close it. These two doors are going to be the vulnerable entry points simply because they will be at some distance from you. Make sure that when you are working, you are facing the house most of the time but if you find it impossible to keep the house in your line of vision turn towards it occasionally as you work. Think as you work Sometimes, our mind focuses on something we are doing and we forget about other things including the house. Burglars nowadays have become very resourceful and intuitive in their clandestine activities that it’s impossible to figure out what they can do when nobody is watching. They only need a minute to open a door or window and spend about five minutes in the house without your noticing. Be alert all the time even while you’re working outside the house. Contact us The best solution of course is to install an alarm or intercom system in your house, or better still, a CCTV system and if you have an urgent need to do any of them, ring us now on o3 8513 0479 and we’ll set up an appropriate system for you house in a jiff.