May 25, 2015

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CCTV Helping to catch burglars


Good News but Still a Long Way to Go

There has been a smattering of good news from around the world that the level of crime against property has drastically declined but burglar incidents are still being reported by police at still high levels of occurrence. There is still a long way to go and at Smarter Security we are letting up our efforts in the fight against burglar activity in both the home and businesses. Both these premises are very important to family and business executives respectively and every effort should be made to protect them.


The standard mode of surveillance

At Smarter Security in Melbourne, we’ve been accustomed to the idea of combining several CCTV cameras at a home or business premise with a system as an on premise personalized surveillance system. This has worked to expectations but another more promising alternative has just appeared and promises to be the solution for the future. The cloud now offers users the opportunity of monitoring whatever is going on in your home, retail shop or office from wherever you are located. This is new with additional features that were absent before in the CCTV system.

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