Shrinkage is a common problem in the retail business that a retail store CCTV can easily solve. The most recent Global Retail Theft Barometer report says that Australian retailers lose about A$2.7 billion each year to shoplifting, supplier fraud, employee theft, and administrative errors.

It doesn’t need a genius to understand that a reliable safety and security system can take your business one step ahead of your competitors. And in the retail industry where competition is rigid, this is of utmost importance. The goal of having a retail store CCTV is to provide total safety for suppliers, employees, and customers. Given the statistics, however, retail store CCTV doubles as a necessary deterrent against thieves, suspicious activities, and potential burglary.

Often, business owners wait until they get victimized by criminals before installing a security system. But for smart business owners, the notion of criminal activities happening within their business premises is enough motivation to install a retail store CCTV.

Theft Prevention and Detection through Retail Store CCTV

When looking for ways to prevent and detect theft, video surveillance is often the first solution you can think of. This isn’t surprising because video surveillance is known to be effective at identifying suspects. But more importantly, the mere sight of video cameras discourages thieves and other criminals.

Aside from identifying suspicious action at the store, retail store CCTV can also be helpful in detecting unlawful acts in the warehouse, admin office, and other back office areas.

Recent Developments in Surveillance Camera Technologies

Digitalization has given us lots of beneficial technologies including cameras and surveillance tools. High-res images, for example, are recent improvements that an outdated camera can’t provide. These days, camera models can provide GD or even 4K ultra HD resolution images even under poor lighting conditions. The high-res images give you better chances of identifying suspects and detecting crimes.

Cameras that offer 180- or 360-degree views are also impressive developments in the security industry. They are also known as panoramic cameras that sole the usual problem of blind spots in old cameras.

Still other retail store CCTV systems include in-video analytics which is a valuable tool a smart business owner wouldn’t want to miss. With this advanced technology, the operator can respond to alerts as they happen. Monitoring numerous videos at once is no longer needed. Security staff can work on other crucial tasks.

It is surprising, however, that some retail businesses don’t take advantage of retail store CCTV technologies. This is perplexing because security cameras offer indispensable benefits to retail businesses.