As individual house owners we sometimes forget that having many people around us can act as a deterrent against having our houses broken into and robbed. One of the most effective means of protecting your house and possibly your own life, is that of befriending your neighbours.


Friendly neighbours can act as extra eyes, ears and voices for you and in times of danger, they can provide prompt assistance. However, there are other habits that can compromise this excellent safety precaution:

  • One very disturbing habit is pasting revealing information to friends or family members on doors, that can be gleaned over by service people or anyone passing by. The pasted note not only reveals an unoccupied house but it also implies that the occupant may be gone for some time. This is an open invitation to thieves to break in and enter at their leisure. This habit must be avoided.
  • There are always blind spots around most houses which are usually dark and spooky. These become the first targets for burglars who know the area is not frequented and provide a perfect hiding space for perpetrators. Lighting must be provided for these areas, especially those at the back with an adjoining wall separating your house from your neighbour’s.
  • Admittedly, neighbours will holler the moment some unusual event takes place near your house, but they will scarcely take notice of a car or strange person who happens to arrive in the vicinity. You should approach your neighbours and ask them if any suspicious looking car parking in the vicinity of your house or a strange person lurking near your house.
  • Trees do offer a cooling effect to your house but those close to windows can become a ladder to any burglar or they can obstruct your view from identifying one. You should re-consider the landscape around your house and remove those that can become a safety threat to your house or yourself.
  • Sometimes, burglars gain entrance into houses by obtaining information from phone directories and checking out the names displayed on mailboxes. If you have to write down your name, use only your initials and your last name.
  • Many sales people travel extensively and make their rounds knocking on doors in order to sell their products. You should not accept them in, simply because they are sales persons. You must confirm their identity by asking them to reveal their ID card or by checking with the visitor’s office.
  • Sometimes more enterprising burglars can approach your home and ask to use your phone. Don’t fall for this trick despite your emotional inclinations. Your trust and kindness may endanger yourself and your valuables. Be steadfast and keep the door locked while you display your help within the safety of your home by ringing the desired number and passing the message to the visitor.

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