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What else does SMARTER SECURITY offer in addition to home security? It also involves itself in the field of safety for the workplace, meaning a shop or office space in a commercial and business setting. Stored inside these workplaces are valuable merchandise, fittings and equipment that generate sales and profits from products and services sold to customers. They need to be protected and Smarter Security can provide that protection.

The right system

From the stealth purring sound of cameras of the CCTV systems we have now moved to the more audible alarm systems or silent light flashes from a signal receiver. We have discussed the rather simple requirements of a home, and we will now focus on the more complex security needs for the workplace. There is a myriad of gadget types and equipment for the workplace and all are available at Smarter Security. Their numbers are so numerous it is impossible to determine just what type of alarm system is needed for your store or workplace.  However, your needs can be quickly and efficiently addressed if you approach us direct so we can conduct a guided tour of our business with you. All the answers will be placed at our fingertips and we can advise you on the best system for your needs.

A myriad of systems

At Smarter Security we sell basic alarm systems to more sophisticated monitoring, motion, smoke and holdup detection systems for industrial and government buildings. The range of systems is such that nearly every facet of industrial and commercial activities are covered  and we are still expanding the range of our security products.

Tracking systems

We provide the best tracking systems there are anywhere and we have an impressive track record to prove it. We have in stock right now a variety of monitoring systems that are perfect for your business alarm monitoring. These magical systems allow management or even you as owner of a small company, to keep an eye on the performance of your staff, their movements and the movements of people moving in and out of your business premise.


Back to base monitoring

The system provides the best method for monitoring developments in your home or office premise. It consists basically of a control room with connections to your home or office premise. From where it is located, it monitors what goes on in your home or office by viewing data from existing installed systems in both premises. In the event of a crisis, the control room will contact whoever is to deal with the situation or respond directly by sending a security response vehicle to your home or business premise. The beauty of the system is that someone is always looking after your interests 24/7 every day of the year.

Contact us

Interested in installing a suitable security system for your business premises? If you are, don’t hesitate but ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and we will tend to your specific needs.