The Perfect Base Alarm Monitoring System

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At Smarter Security in Melbourne we know what it takes to have a perfect system in place. An alarm system on its own is fine, but when you connect it to a monitored control room, you have a gem in your possession. And it doesn’t have to be expensive either if you follow our advice on how to beat rising costs from your other housing priority list. Whenever we make a sale, we ensure you are given  2 month probation period from which you can opt anytime!

Full operational use during probation

Even while you are testing the monitoring system you have the following features at your service:

  1. A Grade A1 certificate for the system you are testing, the highest grade in Australia.
  2. You get to view instant live data on your site and update decisions on fresh information.
  3. You can introduce changes simply by logging into your account.
  4. You can recall reports of past activities and either print or save them onto hard disc.
  5. Configure your system with fresh contact info for rapid contact purposes


Instant alerting capabilities

When you are away and something happens, your security system will alert the monitoring centre instantly via your telephone or ADSL line where expert operators will:


  1. Confirm the nature of the incident by calling your premises.
  2. Call and inform people involved of what has happened.
  3. Despatch a patrol to investigate the emergency if needed.
  4. Sent the police, fire truck or ambulance to the scene.

Other monitoring devices

  • Dialler (Low Security): This security system can alert the security monitoring centre via your phone but can do little to in identifying a faulty or cut line.
  • ​​Securitel (Medium Security): It performs what Dialler above is unable to do by continuously sending signals to the monitoring centre every 15 to 45 seconds. Once the signals aren’t received it is taken as an alarm by the monitoring centre.
  • Direct Line (High Security):The security system is connected to the monitoring centre via a leased landline. A signal is sent to the security system every few seconds from the monitoring centre. No signal received indicates an alarm situation.
  • .GSM (Back Up):Connection failure between the monitoring centre and security system activates a change to GSM (mobile) network). Alarms will be sent through this channel until things return to normal.

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