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You only have to study the Property Market Digest on Melbourne to get an inkling of what the retail and residential scene looks like. As of 2013, the number of retail shops within Melbourne central stands at more than 20,000 retails of all sizes, not to mention the suburbs, while residents number approximately 3 million. These statistics indicate a rich hunting ground for burglars and robbers and it explains why thousands of people are robbed each year. But don’t lose heart. We at Smarter Security are determined to stem the tide make their tasks very difficult.

Alarm systems for any occasion

In doing this, we provide the most cost effective, practical and extremely effective home security solutions. No other security company can offer you the most sophisticated range of security gadgets and appliances. Why? Simply because we have been the game for such a long time, we know the type of burglaries that take place, where they occur, when they happen and the right kind of configured alarm system that can effectively combat them. Our strategy lies in our flexibility and our ability in coming up with highly intricate and complex solutions.

Tracking is all important

A burglar’s curse is in being found out but in order to be found, a monitoring system must be in place to track what a burglar is up to. Smarter Security can provide the tracking by incorporating a monitoring system into any of its tailor-made commercial alarm system. There are so many security devices that Smarter Security can install it’s just staggering but most important is the monitoring system because of its ability in monitoring, recording, storing and playing back what took place previously. It is the very core of the tracking process and we call it the CCTV system. There is nothing like it and we provide the best monitoring system there is.

The secret base monitoring system

If you are still dubious about our extremely efficient monitoring system, we can also offer you a secret monitoring base that you can report to in times of emergencies. This system is known as the Back to Base Monitoring Grade 1A Control Room. The base responses to an emergency by calling your business premises or placing a call to pre-named contacts but in the event of contact failure, it can quickly send a security van to your premises. This is one extra method you can fall back onto in case of a malfunction to your monitoring system or other security device.

Free Installation

An additional bonus is in installing the system you choose free of charge. This is part of Smarter Security’s strategic plan to make it easier for you to have your security system installed so you can secure your business building, surroundings and all the valuable commodities within.

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