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Smarter Security specialises in top quality wireless alarms. These alarm systems don’t need wires, install easily and are able to be moved whenever you move. If you ever move take the hassle out of starting again when you move with one of our wireless alarms – simply remove it! Sensors can be installed exactly where you need them and you are not restricted by cable access. Another advantage is that operation can be via a remote control or keypad.

Alarm Pack 2 (Semi-Wireless System) – Designed for double storey homes – $1,290 Fully Installed.


    • Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8/16 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
    • 2x Bosch Wireless movement detectors*
    • 1x Bosch Hardwired movement detector
    • 2x Bosch remote controls included
    • 1x Bosch LCD Icon keypad
    • 1x External wired classic or Slimline siren with blue strobe
    • 1x Internal wired siren
    • Power pack & backup battery
    • ADSL filter & phone socket
    • Warning stickers for your home
    • 2 year parts & labour warranty

Notification OPTIONS

  • LANDLINE OPTION – Rings up to 2 phones if your alarm gets triggered for additional 150 – Requires an active landline. An NBN Landline will work if you have: A Uni-V port with a DTMF service on it and a power supply with a backup battery
  • SIM CARD OPTION – Add a 3G GSM Module for an additional 275 (if you don’t have a phone line and want reporting via SIM Card).


  • Additional wireless sensors are 190, Wireless reed switches are 160 each.
  • Pet Friendly sensors Under 13kg = 45 extra per sensor, under 38kg = 95 extra per sensor.
  • Back to base monitoring optional (+33/month for a landline / 48/month for a GPRS Module – 350 once off)
  • Ethernet module (so you can arm & disarm via an app) +390 [note – this requires a static IP address & router upstairs]
  • Upgrade to a Bosch 7″ Touchscreen for 390 (only available on Bosch 880 / 3000)
  • Upgrade to Bosch Solution 6000  Alarm panel with SMS alert capability over standard phone line for an extra $250. 3000 vs 6000?
  • Add a 3G GSM Module for an additional 275 (if you don’t have a phone line and want reporting).
  • Add a wireless glassbreak detector for +280 (up to 7m range).




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