Put simply, the Bosch 3000 is designed for homes, whereas the 6000 is designed for businesses which needs greater reporting / interaction features.

Below explains some key differences which may lead you to require the Bosch 6000.

Question – How would you like your alarm panel to notify you in the event of alarm?
The 6000 have built in diallers to connect your home PSTN land line and have the ability to SMS you if your alarm is triggered with zone information. (this is the cost of a premium text)

The Bosch 3000 have built in diallers to send domestic dialling signals to you. When you pick up you will hear an alarm noise. It has the ability to ring up to 2 mobiles. No SMS is capable.

Question – What happens if I don’t have a phone line?
The Bosch 6000 / Bosch 3000 both have an optional Ness GSM 3G this will call / SMS you. It will require the purchase of a SIM card and you will be billed by your mobile service provider. Lots of our customers choose the Aldi Sim ($5 / 365 day expiry)

How does the IP Module work?
Bosch 6000 / Bosch 3000 can have the IP module to connect to the alarm panel.
This will require a cable from the panel to to your home router. The Bosch 6000 also has a wifi keypad which removes the need to run cabling to the router.

Bosch 3000 app is native Bosch app. No setup or ongoing fees.

Bosch 6000 is a third party app. Notification via push notification, pay ongoing fees/subscription

No Static IP required for both.

Question – What other differences are there?
Bosch 6000 can have:
> external readers
> proximity tags
> Finger scanner
> Nightarm codepad (dedicated codepad which allows night time arming / disarming)
> ability for lots of user codes
The Bosch 3000 (as its designed for homes, won’t have any of these functions)