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With all of our alarm systems we can offer you a back to base monitoring service, which is programmed through the alarm, once triggered, to ring back to a monitoring call centre that are on guard 24/7 and ready to send a qualified security officer to attend your premises if needed. Not only does this apply to alarms but also for hold up alarms and panic button activation, which we can set up on either your new or existing alarm. This is yet another way to ensure 24/7 protection and one of the most cost efficient.

DIALLER – If you have a phone line

This is the most common communication method. The alarm system uses a standard analogue phone line at your premises to transmit any required events.


GPRS Module – If you don’t have a phone line

Bosch 16 Plus / Bosch 6000 GPRS module required. – usually this costs an additional 330 on top of the alarm system.


Cost for monitoring is a flat $33/month.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take from an alarm getting triggered to someone calling?
Within a minute or 2… the alarm calls the company then they will call the customer
How many numbers do they call?
As many as the customer requests
When do they send a car out?
After they speak to the customer or straight away.. depending on what or how the customer has set it up
How long does the car take?
It really depends where the nearest patrol company is – the monitoring centre will choose the one that closest to you.
Does sending a car out cost money?
Yes, $88 inc gst