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Catch-Them-In-The-Act We offer a large variety of selected burglar alarm systems. Our burglar alarm systems are ideal for home security and protecting commercial premises and are being used to protect property from homes to some of the largest corporations. We provide top quality, comprehensive service. We analyse your security needs and advise on the security system that best suits your needs. Having been installing security systems for over 25 years, our expert security alarm installation team ensures the system meets your needs and performs effectively. We can also offer additional facilities for your alarm system: duress facilities, smoke detection and medical emergency alerts. As a home security system, alarms are a great deterrent for burglars – they don’t like them! Burglars tend to look for an external siren box when checking out a property. If they see a burglar alarm system, they will most likely move on to another home.


  • Alarm Pack 1 – Designed for Single Storey Homes – $990 Fully Installed (over 50% of our new alarm customers choose this)

    • Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
    • 3 x Bosch Blue line Hard wired movement detectors (PIRs)  (can handle up to 8)
    • 1 x External “Classic” style or “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
    • Rings your phone if you alarm goes off! (with a siren noise)
    • 1x Internal siren (105db+) (piezo)
    • Power pack & backup battery
    • LCD Icon Keypad
    • ADSL filter & phone socket
    • Alarm connection to phone line for mobile phone alert
    • Cables & connectors
    • Warning stickers for your home
    • 5 year parts & labour warranty


    Alarm Pack 2 (Semi-Wireless System) – Designed for double storey homes – $1,290 Fully Installed.


      • Bosch Solution 3000 ( 8/16 Zone ) Alarm panel with tamper switch
      • 2x Bosch Wireless movement detectors*
      • 1x Bosch Hardwired movement detector
      • 2x Bosch remote controls included
      • 1x Bosch LCD Icon keypad
      • 1x External wired classic or Slimline siren with blue strobe
      • 1x Internal wired siren
      • Power pack & backup battery
      • ADSL filter & phone socket
      • Alarm connection to phone line for mobile phone alert,cables & connectors ( Included only if phone line is upstairs. Otherwise its an additional 150 for a wireless telephone jack)
      • Warning stickers for your home
      • 5 year parts & labour warranty


    • Additional wireless sensors are 190, Wireless reed switches are 160 each.
    • Pet Friendly sensors Under 13kg = 45 extra per sensor, under 38kg = 95 extra per sensor.
    • Back to base monitoring optional (+33/month)
    • Ethernet module (so you can arm & disarm via an app) +390 [note – this requires a static IP address & router upstairs]
    • Upgrade to a Bosch 7″ Touchscreen for 390 (only available on Bosch 880 / 3000)
    • Upgrade to Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm panel with SMS alert capability over standard phone line for an extra $250.
    • Add a 3G GSM Module for an additional 275 (if you don’t have a phone line and want reporting).

    *Battery powered by 123 sized Batteries. These should last approximately 5 years. Wireless detectors can be up to 100 meters apart from the receiver.

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