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Smarter Security at Your Service

If you are looking for truly complete home security package for you Melbourne home, then look no further. At Smarter Security, we have the best price configuration and the ultimate in technological equipment you can find anywhere. As for quality, our products are unequalled anywhere at home here in Australia. We make available to every customer who contacts us or pays us a visit the latest in CCTV and Alarm systems for both homes and businesses.


Alarms that spook the hell out of burglars

The security of your home and its surroundings are top priority to us and we will supply you with our latest alarm systems to keep unwanted intruders out of your homes. We do this for homes all over Melbourne area. We want you to feel secure in your own home. We want you not to worry about the security of your home and that’s the reason why we have expert staff available that can rid you of your unsecure feelings. They can come and visit you, have a look at your home and surrounding area and come up with just the right configuration of alarms that will spook the boots off any burglar. We are honest when we say this because we know our systems really work!  Our customers keep telling us that fact.

The best need not be too expensive

At Smarter Securities we are very down to earth people. We know that the latest tech and gadgetry can be expensive but we look at this in a different light. We regard the security of your home more important than the tech and gadgetry stuff and we are not here to rip you off. We offer some of the cheapest prices for indisputable quality and this is brought to light when you compare our prices and the value of your home and inventory to be safeguarded.

Our alarm systems are so cheap they just barely overflow the $1000 mark with our Alarm Pack 2 (which features monitoring equipment) touching the ceiling at just $1,145 which is very low when compared with the capability of protecting a home, inventory and valuables inside it. At that price, our stocks are truly below the market value of any home and that is a truly remarkable achievement. No wonder our clients shower us with compliments!

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If you truly need an alarm system that will spook off potential burglars then you can opt for one of our 3 Alarm Pack. Call us on 03 8513 0479 if you want more information or for one of our safety and security experts to visit you and recommend the type of alarm system that would perfectly provide the best safety for your home.