May 16, 2015

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Total Security for your Home


Simply having an alarm system in place doesn’t necessary guarantee the safety of your home. The reason for this may be that the system you have chosen does not complete the security issue you are faced with. At Smarter Security we are convinced from hard learnt experience that choosing the right alarm system is the only way to achieve maximum security results. You must appreciate the fact that burglars are always working hard to spot weaknesses in your security arsenal and there’s no easier opening for them that an ineffective alarm system. Believe us, they can tell!

Detectors on their own have limitations

Installing a detection system in your house can be effective in performing certain functions for which they were made but their scope is limited to mainly fire and water hazards in the business premises. One plus for our alarm system for businesses is their ability in detecting fires at an early stage. This lack can be compensated by connecting the detector to an alarm system that can speed up awareness and cause quicker action to be taken. This means that a connected detector can sound the alarm quicker and more effectively than a detector without such a connection.

Detecting fires is a cinch with our smoke detectors

The outbreak of a fire in your business premises can cost you a fortune in ruined merchandise. Not only that but it can cost you an entire building plus everything in it which is a sure recipe for disaster and the quickest way to bankruptcy. But not if you have installed our detectors with the extra precaution of connecting them with a centralized alarm system. It is not difficult to connect your detectors to an alarm control panel that will trigger an alarm when the electrical flow is broken by the presence of smoke in the room. However you need professionals to do the job for you.

Even flooding is no match for our detectors

Flooding of your basement, bathroom and/or kitchen floors can pose a threat to occupants from slips and falls, smoke poisoning and electrocution due to faulty wiring that can cause injury and possibly death. Installing a warning system in place to complement your detectors detectors in the house is a perfect way to eliminate the serious nature of these hazards. At Smarter Security we provide these extremely effective detectors as well as accessories for configuring a suitable control panel for triggering awareness and follow up action.

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You will save your house when you use the right type of detectors to protect it and we supply all needed accessories for an effective alarm system. Ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and render your house free from fire and water hazards.

Hesitate Not When Your House Security is at Stake


Many house owners become so taken up by their newly built house that they fail to recognize the reality that even new homes are not secure. At Smarter Security we have witnessed some of the most unfortunate incidents that beset house occupants and we try our utmost in curbing their occurrence. Nevertheless unexpected break-ins and robberies will always happen and the best way of preventing or minimizing them is by taking the necessary steps to ensure your house is safe and secure against any burglar activity.

Preliminary thoughts on securing your house

  • Always look into the future: Normally our outlook on a new home is that it is most unlikely to be burglarised. Wrong! The newer the more stylish a home, the more likely it will be targeted. Look ahead and think of securing your home immediately. Look around for security companies, make contact, ask for quotes and quickly follow up any offers that come your way.
  • Never depend totally on the police: your local police are there to respond to alerts and are seldom around your house to physically thwart the activities of burglars that try to break in. Think ahead about security measures that will give you instant protection on the spot like installing a CCTV surveillance system.
  • Don’t rely on your neighbours to help secure your home. They are people just like you with similar concerns and worries about their own situation. They might even come under a burglar attack the same time your house is being burglarized so creative thinking is needed for a better security enhancing method like installing an alarm system.
  • Don’t think for one moment that your front door is not susceptible to a frontal break-in. Burglar activity knows no bounds and the minute you think you’re safe and sound, your front door becomes a wide entrance for illegal activity. Why not think about installing an intercom system to your house, apartment block, office complex, hospital or even your school?

Who to turn to for help

Once you make the wise decision to boost your security and safety for yourself and your premise by using any of the above security approaches, you should quickly look for the ideal security system supplier and there’s none better than Smarter Security. We have the expertise and the equipment for top class security for your home. We have the full range of security systems that will address your specific needs. We’ve played the security game over many years and we are at the apex of the security provider hierarchy. Come to us and we will solve your problems quickly and effectively.

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We are the best security providers in Australia with a first class track record for providing the best security solutions. Ring us now on 03 8513 0479 and learn how your home can became your very own safe haven.