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The Ideal Solution for Retail Businesses

Are you experiencing heavy shoplifting lately? You’re not alone and at Smarter Security we have just the perfect solution for you. The security systems that have appeared on the market are of such range and variety it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the right alarm system to address your specific needs. But for dampening the activities of shoplifters and boosting your profits, we have an array of technologically advanced systems for your retail store. The range of these performance proven security systems is such that there is one system that will suit your particular need.


CCTV cameras are ideal surveillance solutions

Of all the security systems available for covering the interior of your retail shop, very few can even come close to the efficient performance of the CCTV surveillance system. You can choose from a standard configuration of 4 cameras to as many as 8 cameras not to mention the specially customized configurations that we can provide. The cameras can cover the front and back access of your store as well as your supply room, it can monitor the product shelves, the food and beverage area and the payment counter. They don’t miss a thing and will certainly protect your store.

 Security Systems

Our shelves and stocks are packed with the latest security systems in addition to our excellent CCTV camera solutions. Their technological qualities are so advanced you can leave your store with confidence to the continuous protection of our state of the art electronic security systems. Smarter Security in Melbourne has nurtured a healthy rapport with the biggest retail chains in the country and the results have been amazing. We not only look at the safety side but also on the aesthetic presentation of our finished projects. As a result, our clients have showered us with compliments.

Electronic Surveillance boosts retail security

A recent addition to our security capabilities has been the arrival of an amazing array of electronic articles surveillance systems more commonly known as EAS. These electronic devices are capable of increasing the ability of retailers to engage in openly selling their products to customers by restricting the freedom of shoplifters in illegally partaking of the merchandise and profits. These efficient systems are installed at just the right locations by our professionals and in such a way that the aesthetic composure of your retails store won’t be jeopardized.

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