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There is perhaps no other more enticing target for burglars than the full racks and shelves of a retail shop. In Melbourne alone, this kind of burglar activity has escalated to such proportions even the police are unable to stem their occurrence. For us at Smarter Security the situation is an ongoing challenge that requires unabated zest and ingenuity on our part. We rise to the occasion with our latest and most effective solution – the CCTV surveillance system. It is a priceless piece of technological invention that adds both security and value to your home.

A full range of accessories

We provide the best and most effective solution to your security problem by offering a complete security set with different configurations that can address your specific problem and need. We offer dependable wired or unwired systems; camera systems come in different configurations and numbers; the cameras can be connected to a centralized control panel for easy access and operation; our CCTV cameras can even be directly connected to your mobile phone so you can view and keep tabs on your business premise anytime, from anywhere in the world.

We have first class installation skills

At Smarter Security we have smart, alert, fully qualified and committed professionals ready in attending to your security issues. They have played the security game for many years amassing a wealth of experience and expertise that combine to produce unmatched acumen, savvy and versatility in installing differently configured security system. They have satisfied countless clients and they will fulfil your aspirations by executing tasks exactly according to your expectations. You want a world class CCTV security system? We can provide it at very affordable prices.

Colossal customer feedback

We do not hype when we say our clients shower us with praise for our style of workmanship that we complete for clients. Apart from very minor negative comments, the bulk of customer feedbacks are indicative of our professional skills in helping customers choose the right type of system, help install their chosen system and offer continued monitoring and support mechanisms that ensure problem free functionality of their system.  We pride ourselves for being unequalled in providing  the best security systems anywhere in Australia.

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