This is an approach that more often than not attracts the classic comment: “Easier said than done”. As a matter of fact, it is easier done than said provided you know what you should do. At Smarter Security, we’ve been in the game long enough to know that the only way to beat burglars at their game is to anticipate every move they can possibly make in order to break into your hours.


Motion detectors


Most security experts know that most burglaries occur during the day when nobody is in the house and they also occur at night. The most effective deterrent at night would be the installation of motion light detectors. They ideal for placing in the front and back of your house but just to be on the safe side, you should also place a light at the corners of your house so anyone coming from the sides will also be detected.

Turn your focus to your grounds

Installing the movement detectors is a really good idea, but don’t sit on your laurels and say “That’s that!” It simply isn’t because the detectors alone are not sufficient in themselves. They need to have back up and one of the best ways is to survey you grounds. If you have thick clumps of bushes in your grounds, that’s the first place burglars will approach to reconnoitre the area and to escape to in the event of being spotted. Cut all the clumps or prune them so no one can hide behind them.

Then focus on your house.

The doors and the windows should be your next targets because these are the entry points that burglars pay particular attention to. They will silently push, heave, jolt with all their strength to get a door or a window open just an inch or wide enough to put their mitts into the door space and wiggle their way to the door handle and unlock the door completely. This is where reinforcement is needed. If your timber door is made of timber with a hollow interior, get a solid door installed just to be doubly safe. Why? Because if you go on a vacation with the hollow door in place. You’ll never know what’s going to happen.

Bolt them down all down securely

Secure your front door, your back and side doors. Get strong locks or really solid door latches and install them on all your doors. Do the same for your windows especially the ones at the back and the sides or where the light of the movement detectors cannot reach. Better still, call us to give our assistance. We might be able to convince you to adopt other strategies and solutions to your problem. We are not only experts at installing security systems. We also know how to keep a home secure and safe.

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