One of the most important aspects of acquiring and installing a security system in your home is that everyone in the family should be familiar with how the system works. There’s no sense in having a system that only you can monitor and operate. The rest of the family members need to become part of all the security arrangements that you make for protecting them, yourself as well as the valuables in the house. These arrangements may include the following:

  • There’s someone at home – being total opportunists as they are, burglars will always invade an area that has defenceless or unoccupied houses. Making your house seem always occupied is therefore a priority. Timers should be used to simulate changes in the use of lights in the house as if someone was in the house and the TV or radio should be on with the volume high enough for people near the doors or windows to hear. A car parked in the driveway will deter potential intruders
  • Cordoning off the home – this is usually done in most part of the world which involves the erection of walls around the homestead boundary. Though a good idea, it has its downsides the main one being it’s much easier to negotiate a wall than to enter a house. Nevertheless, the idea is sound when the wall is totally impenetrable and CCTV surveillance cameras or motion detectors are also deployed along the wall.
  • Effective use of lights – while walls and fences may prove futile in many cases, the next line of defence is not the doors and windows as many people would think but a defence that would immediately disclose the whereabouts of thieves – lighting. The most effective form of light in this sense is the motion detector which automatically activates a light upon the detection of any movement.
  • Strong door structure and locks – the material used for constructing house doors should be suitably sturdy to withstand lots of pressure and force. Strong deadbolt locks should be used and peeping holes should be constructed in the front door so that persons entering are identified prior to being allowed to enter.
  • Secure windows – in most homes there are usually twice or more windows than there are doors and hence the need to keep them secure against entry. None should be left open for any reason especially after checkouts. Very strong heavy locks should be used instead of standard window locks.
  • All-inclusive approach – leave nothing to chance but keep in mind all other access points and make sure they are attended to. The most popular access point for burglars is the garage door that has a door leading into the main house. Fortify the door and make it impenetrable to thieves. Check all openings and assess their possibility of being used to get access into the house.
  • Installing an alarm system – after giving the above areas your undivided attention, it’s the perfect time to bring in the ultimate deterrent – an alarm system – and there are many types. The more sophisticated and expensive the system the most unlikely a burglar would succeed in disabling it and would most likely set off the alarm itself.