NBN Info for New And Existing Customers

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Once you’ve selected your Retail Service Provider, and arranged an installation date for the NBN you should let them know that you have a monitored security alarm or back to mobile system.

You should also contact Smarter Security to ensure that there is no disruption to your back to base monitoring service.

The Retail Service Provider may advise that your security system will be unaffected by this change & they will simply connect your system to the Uni-V Voice Port, however this has not been fully tested and there is no guarantee that your alarm system will be monitored accurately by this device.

I want certainty with my monitoring, what do I do?
We will recommend you add a GSM / GPRS module to your system which uses a sim card instead of the phone line. We will then re-set up your back to mobile or back to base function based on this functionality. Cost for setting up a standalone GSM unit will be around $350. This includes both the cost of the GSM module as well as the callout fee. We will only install GSM modules on systems we have commissioned.

What should I do if I haven’t got an alarm yet?
Tell us you are in an NBN serviced area. The Bosch 6000 / 16 Plus has the ability to handle digital phone lines and has the ability to work with the NBN. We will create a custom quote on this for you.

Alternatively, we will recommend a GSM unit with any of our other popular systems. Bypassing the phone line is the most effective way of ensuring you do not face compatibility issues relating to the NBN.