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To install an alarm system at your front gate may not be the best idea to keep your home safe but to install an intercom, now there’s an excellent idea. At Smarter Security, we have in stock the latest wide range of intercom systems you’ve ever come across. They’re so amazing you’d be surprised yourself to sea crystal clear images of the person standing right at your gate whom you’ll recognize and remember straight away!

The voice perfectly complements the image

It’s not only the clear image that is astonishing but also the voice that you utter and the reply that comes back to your as crystal clear from the image to your ears. The viewing and audio messaging and responses are so fantastic it was like you and the image on the 7” screen were in the house talking face to face. Another amazing thing about the intercom is that the rapport can continue on and on as long as you like without the image becoming blurry or the voice to taper off.

Night time is no problem for our intercom system

We have such a range of intercom systems it’s just unbelievable and each one of them works perfectly at very affordable prices. But it doesn’t end there. Just imagine if you could have an intercom system that you could use effectively during the night as well. Would you believe it if we told you we also have that covered? Yes, we also have the latest IR night vision LEDs at the Door station and you just can’t imagine what that can do until you see it for yourself.

Video images stay for good

And if you think that’s it, think again because you’re in for another big surprise. Our system also has a built in memory for storing images of not only two or three but a 100 of them! What it does is it can actually save all the images it takes of people who ring the doorbell. So if a burglar disguised as carpenter or electrician or plumber comes into your house and rings the doorbell, the images will be saved on candid camera and boosts the chances of catching him at some unsuspecting opportunity.

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