Old school is still the way, benefits of hard wired system

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Bosch AMAX KeypadThe decision to whether to have wired or non-wired alarm system installed may seem trivial, but it does have a great impact in the long run. As a result, it is vital to understand how the two systems are similar or dissimilar in each of its own way. The most fundamental different will be, for wired alarm system, detectors and the control panels are connected together by the same wire, while such connection does not exist in non-wired alarm system.


Besides, wired alarm system is regarded as more suitable for offices, single storey homes, or apartments as wiring works are relatively simple within these premises. In offices, wires for the alarm system can go alongside with other wiring from lighting, as for single storey homes, wiring can go via the rooftop. Occasionally, wired alarm system is also welcome in semi-furnished households, whereby wiring are camouflage under plaster or paint. Hence, if installing an alarm system is in your renovation list, it is recommended to get in touch with relevant agent as early as possible.


Wireless alarm systems are more suitable for homes or offices situated at high levels or when the surveillance space is too wide and challenging for wiring to take place. Wireless system is also common if part of the building such as garage or store room, is located far off from the main building.


Another distinct different between wired and non-wired system will be the way information is being transmitted. As the name suggests, wireless system often requires users to have their mobile phones connected to the system so that they can be alerted at once. The wireless system can also be connected to a monitoring center so that actions can be taken during emergency. However, if such immediate notification needs are redundant, a wired alarm system is more than ready to serve. Besides, for all wireless systems, there is an additional caution need to be taken care of, that is to ensure the batteries are under constant replacement and maintenance.


Nowadays, it is also common to have a combination of both wired and wireless systems. Normally such hybrid system will either come with a wired sensor connecting to a wireless control panel so that it can be manipulated via mobile phones or remotely; or it has a wireless sensor monitored by a wired landline or phone line connection.


With the many options made available, it is recommended to have a good understanding of the area under surveillance before settling on a choice. If in doubt, always consult an expert.