Not just for burglars

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There are a thousand and one reasons for one to install a security alarm system within their properties of interest. For residential, the main aim may be to protect users’ homes from possible thefts, break-in, or loss of valuables. On the other hand, commercial users may want to have an alarm system which prevents possible disruption to business and also to ensure their properties are under constantly surveillance.


In a study conducted by the Charlotte Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology, The University of North Carolina in year 2012 which included surveying convicted burglars, 60% of them indicated that they will think about the presence of alarm system when they are performing the break-in while 57% of them will think of the existence of cameras and other surveillance systems. As high as half of these participants indicated that they will stop their break-in immediately if they noticed the presence of an alarm.


However, it is not absolutely correct to think that an alarm system consists solely of an alarm which triggers when unauthorised personnel enter and nothing else. Many of the times, an alarm system couples more than just one thing and it targets at many other purposes too.


One of such additional functions will be the coming of a fire detector. This is usually done by connecting a heat detector or a smoke detector to the alarm system so that when suspected fire incidences take place, the alarm will sound off automatically too. Similarly, if the alarm system happens to be installed at the basement of a building or home, do not be surprised that it also comes with a flood detector. Alarm will again go off when the sensor detected uncommon water level or rising water. The other less common ones will be smoke poisoning detector or electrocution detector, both of which are equally significant. On a side note, having an alarm system also means that cutting down one’s expenditure on property insurance. Usually property owners saved approximately 10 to 20% on insurance with installation of an alarm system.


One may question the necessity of such additional installations, however, do not underestimate their usefulness during emergencies. Indeed, local police departments may be there in responding to emergencies or crimes. One’s neighbours or security guards within the building too, can act as additional pairs of eyes; but irregularities tend not to be predictable, especially man made faults or natural disasters. Thus, there is no harm for additional surveillance.