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The Nemesis of Our Privacy and Wealth

At Smarter Security we are completely tuned in to the importance of home security and safety. There is no denying that like the rest of the world, we have very beautiful cities to live in and grow, but unfortunately like everywhere else, our homes and workplaces are susceptible to unwanted intrusions. These intrusions are anathema to our privacy and they can cause untold ruin to our personal belongings and wealth. This is the reason why very serious counter measures must be taken or put in place to protect them.


Alarm systems are in, burglars are out!                    

This is the motto that every honest and decent living home owner should be vying for and at Smarter Security, we couldn’t agree more. But we are not going to just agree, we are going to join in the fray and pitch in with our own contribution of our Alarm Packs 1,2 and 3. These are powerful tools against any burglar and when used properly, they can help minimize or even eliminate illegal breaking-ins and entry for good at many locations. You, your loved ones and your belongings and wealth will no longer be at the mercy of burglars and you will longer have to live in dread of losing your wealth and even you lives.

Our staff are the very best in their field

The staff we employ at Smarter Security are proven specialists in their field and no wonder because their trade is special with a myriad types of skills involved. They have to be specialists in many areas to make our alarm systems really work. They must be experts at analysing potential threats to any home configuration. They must quickly identify weaknesses and strong qualities of any home. They must know everything there is to know about how alarm systems work and where to place them to get maximum effect. They must be electricians, digital experts, tech gadgetry experts as well as being honest and caring members of our society. They are a special brand of men and women who can assist you in finding the best possible solution to you safety and security issues.

A wide variety of alarm systems

At Smarter Security we offer an extraordinary range of alarm systems. We have home security alarms, burglar alarm systems and wireless alarm systems. But the beauty of the systems is that they have deliberately configured to suit the average man’s budget. One fully installed alarm system (our cheapest Alarm Pack 1) can be yours for just $895 with the other 2 systems also priced within close range of this system. All our systems work perfectly and if a mishap befalls your system and sustains damage, all you have to do is call us and we will send one of our specialist staff to take care of you problem.

Contact us

If you are having safety and security issues in your home, do not hesitate! Ring us on 03 8513 0479 and we will be there in an instant to have a look around your premise and offer you the best advice there is on an alarm system that will work for you.