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houseNo home owner wants to go through the experience of having their home broken in with property and valuables stolen or damaged and having to suffer a long time of worrying and stress after the event. Worse still if someone in the home gets injured, yet some people actually go through this turmoil and that’s exactly why security companies like Smarter Security are formed to address these misery causing incidents.


Specialists all the way


We do not only make commitments for the sake of having people pay attention to our company. We are prepared to back every word with action that will not only render your house and valuables secure but may well save your very lives and those dear to you. We have security alarms galore for your house.  We can secure the whole house with our special alarm systems; a system that you can activate at your fingertips. We can secure specific rooms, install panic buttons, motion detectors and sensors throughout you house. Fixing smoke detectors or phone connection to a distant security base is all within our capabilities.


Choosing the right alarm


At Smarter Security, we have three very effective and realistically priced alarm systems. First off is our standard but extremely versatile, effective and low priced Alarm Pack 1 system at just $770 (normally $895),fully installed. Its features include motion detection and alerting of occupants with loud sounds from a siren. It can be installed in 4 areas of the house and can easily be activated from your mobile phone. Next is our 8 zone Alarm Pack 2 at a slightly higher price of $990 fully installed. The system can be fitted with monitoring capabilities and can also detect motion.  Instead of monitoring, the Alarm Pack 3 is endowed with “wireless” capability and is therefore lower priced at $1100 fully installed.


Realistic systems


The systems will offer you a very effective and easily operated alarm system for your house and surrounding grounds, especially if you have lights illuminating your property grounds. They can immediately emit a loud siren sound when it is activated either from your mobile phone from motion detection and monitoring on screen. Securing your home with one of our Smart Security home alarm systems is an investment you ought to make


Contact us

Should you desire to invest in one of our alarm systems to effectively secure your home, contact us now on 03 8513 0479 and our expert staff will visit and discuss with you the best system that will suit your needs.