Wireless CCTV cameras are prone to jammers

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CCTV Security Cameras Deserve Top Level Attention

When anyone purchases a CCTV surveillance system, it means they are protecting something very precious and usually that something is the home which is a hefty investment. Sure enough, a home deserves all the protection we can muster for it and at Smarter Security in Melbourne we explore all possible dangers to a security system. Rumours have been spreading that burglars have the ability to use jammers to render a CCTV surveillance system useless in protecting what we protect. It’s worthwhile to explore this potential threat so that our security system is fully protected.

Be ahead of the bad guys in foiling their intentions

The perfect element at the disposal of a burglar in carrying out his trade is opportunity and this is by far the main weapon that burglars will use to gain entry into a house or property. The entry is usually made through a broken window, unlocked door or by forced entry. According to reliable sources, this type of burglary makes up about two-thirds of all burglaries done to residents in the US. For Australia, it’s considerably lower but they nevertheless occur. Aside from direct entry, there is another aspect that should be probed – the use of jamming devices – against your security

Cutting a wired security system poses no real threat

Is this possible? Can burglars or other parties bent on entering your home actually use jammers to obstruct your security system and render it harmless to them?  The concern here is whether any wireless security system is susceptible to being jammed and become useless. For wired systems the fear arises from the thinking that a burglar may render a system harmless if they cut the right wire in the security system. Cutting a wire that connects the power to the security system is easy enough to solve as a signal can be sent advising that the signal has been lost.

But protecting a wireless system may be another story

What happens if the situation is that of jamming a wireless analog? There is no doubt that a host of jamming devices or other disabling units are making an appearance on the market every so often and technology has become so sophisticated that any disabling unit can be found to disrupt the security system you’ve set up to protect what you prize most. What’s to stop a burglar from buying a jammer that can block your surveillance cameras or alert signals? The answer is that the possibility is just not there so you can safely go ahead and install your CCCTV surveillance system.

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