Why Hesitate on Installing a CCTV System?

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To hesitate when it comes to the issue of home safety is to invite big trouble. Despite the fact that Melbourne in one of Australia’s beautiful cities, the incidence of robberies and unwanted intrusions has escalated dramatically over the past few years. This means that not installing a security system in your home is not an option and the quicker you do it the better it is for yourself and your loved ones.

Strong doubts about effectiveness

Many people actually hesitate in purchasing and installing a security system because they feel it can do very little to safeguard their homes. They claim that despite all the precautions that have been put in place, the activities of burglars continue to be reported over the media. Granted that this may be true, it is equally highly probable that the burglarized homes actually do not have any security system installed and it will be just a matter of time before burglars also find out that you have no defences against them. Rather than adopting a defeatist attitude it’s far better to be proactive and do the best you can for the most valuable asset you have.

Even those with security systems are robbed

Again, this view may hold water and there is no doubt that even houses with security systems are burglarized once in a while. Rather than take the view at face value, every attempt should be made to investigate the reasons why a protected home can be burglarized. When you do you’ll probably find that the burglary occurred from an oversight or carelessness on the part of the occupants. They may have turned off the cameras inadvertently and forgot to turn it back on hence the alarm did not sound or some other act of omission. The real issue is there was a breach in the defences and not one related to wisdom of installing a security system. If you install one make sure you use it properly.

The bottom line

When you compare a house that has installed a CCTV surveillance system with one that hasn’t you will find that on a balance of probability, the house that has no security system has more chance of falling prey to a burglar than the one that has a security system installed. It’s basic common sense that a burglar will tend to stay clear of a home that has a CCTV security system installed than the one that hasn’t. A burglar hates being discovered and this can be unravelled quicker by a security system than an ordinary pair of eyes and ears that often need to rest and sleep anyway. So the call to action is, have a CCTV system installed now before it’s too late!

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