Using UPS to protect against power outages

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The True Test for your System Comes with Power Failure

Ok, so you have an excellent CCTV security system that works perfectly and keeps the burglars out of your premises. That is, when the power is running normally and outages has happened lately. But what happens if the power suddenly fail? How will your surveillance system keep whirring and taking pictures? The answer of course is not difficult as you will definitely need standby generating capacity to keep your cameras and IP capabilities working. Otherwise, come tomorrow, you may have very few items to protect let alone keep!

UPS backup is ideal for standby power

You’ve heard about UPS standby power supply for your desktop but rarely for CCTV surveillance systems. The truth is, there are so many types of UPS miniature power storage units these days, its mind boggling. But they are essential for protecting your security system from malfunctioning or sustaining damage from a power outage. At Smarter Security we know the importance of UPS standby power supply from UPS storage units and we often encourage our customers to let us supply them with the latest models.

Top notch features, customized solutions and incredible value

These are but some of the outstanding qualities of UPS units and you’d be out of touch if you failed to appreciate the type of benefit you can reap from installing one in your house. A UPS unit can add extra runtime to your internal battery installed systems to ensure the security and safety of your surveillance system. Finding and installing just the right UPS unit will fall within your budget range as there are so many types and sizes. It will definitely increase protection for your system and they are so versatile they can be placed just about anywhere.

Prevent any seizures or lockups in your system

Whenever power spikes or brownouts happen your security system is automatically put at risk as the components are electrically very sensitive and run on regular power current. When any sudden stoppage to the power flow occurs, your security system may suffer irreparable damages whether they are sustained by the cameras, the control panel or any other connecting device. Uninterrupted power flow will prevent expensive damage and saves time from having to reset the security systems. It ensures that equipment is always operating and protected no matter what the power status is.

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