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Outsourcing the latest technological inventions on the market is one of Smarter Security’s specialty areas. We make it a practice of outsourcing for the latest and best products available and supply them to our customers. The CCTV system is one such product and because it deals with home and business security, we make sure it lives up to its performance rating awarded by its makers, Serious Security Melbourne Pty Ltd.  We trust their judgement and so far, our CCTV systems have performed well.


What makes the system tick?

The unique feature of a CCTV system is its versatility localized surveillance capability. It uses video cameras to send a signal to a specific place which can be visualized on one or two monitors or more. Unlike ordinary television, the signals the camera send are not openly transmitted but sent point to point (P2P), many points or by wireless links. This localized capability has made the CCTV perfect for home and business use with the added advantage of being able to be activated automatically by remote control even from a mobile phone.  The total effect of the CCTV system is the declining numbers of crime related activities such as burglary or breaking and entering. Its popularity steadily grew from the 1980s and is now used widely around the world including here in Australia and Smarter Security supplies these phenomenal surveillance systems.


Any position in the house

The CCTV system can be installed anywhere in a house, both indoors and outdoors. They come in different numbers and in different configured assemblage with each component tailor made to meet a specific function. The cameras does the task of detecting and filming motion, a hard disc records and stores films which are in turn sent to a monitoring screen where each and every movement can be replicated on screen from past and present recordings. One special feature of the monitoring screen is its ability in displaying a number of locations in or outside the house where a camera has been placed. This gives the occupier the unique ability of being able to view many locations of the house at the same time. At Smarter Security we specialize in many different types of CCTV systems that will provide solutions for different needs.

Different configurations

We not only supply the systems but also make sure they are the perfect match for the prevailing problem confronted by our customers. For CCTV systems Smarter Security supplies different configured packages for you. There are CCTV packages that perfectly suit your home while another differently configured package will  be ideal for your business. With the advice of our professional staff at your disposal whichever you pick will be the right one. We know everything about the trade!

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