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You may have the strongest fence encompassing your property grounds and you may have well-fortified doors and windows or you may even have a sophisticated intercom system installed in you house. But at Smarter Security in Melbourne, we know that even these strong points can be rendered defenceless by the cleverness of burglars who have everything to gain by going over these defence hurdles. Surprisingly, evidence has disclosed that burglars enter through unlocked doors or windows in broad daylight!



The missing security link

The reason why alarms and unlocked doors and windows fail to do their jobs properly is that house occupants tend to be careless. Admittedly, these inadvertent actions will continue to happen so there is a definite need to introduce the missing link in the equation – a CCTV camera system. What the house occupant has failed to do or not do and let an unwanted intruder in must be brought to light by the presence of this security bastion. The CCTV surveillance system with its crystal clear video imaging that can be stored for viewing later is a strong deterrent against burglar activities.

The most effective configuration

A CCTV surveillance system is composed of many parts and only a security service provider with a wide range of experiences and expert knowledge of security systems can put together a system that will effectively provide the needed security to the homes. Different configured security systems comprise different numbers of cameras with video imaging capabilities, a central monitor which acts as a centralized coordinating panel that connects the cameras to a central focal point for viewing. The system also includes a recording device that can replay the video images on screen at any time.

Where to install the system

Before installing any security system, the client must agree to the type of system to be installed. It must be a system that addresses all the suspect points brought to light during initial discussions, efficiently and quickly for immediate security results. Our professionals will carefully inspect the site and use their expertise in selecting a configured system that will be ideal for providing the solution for issues that may likely affect the specific location where the system is to be installed. Our professionals have amassed a volume of data and experience to succeed in their task of installing the most appropriate system for the particular location.

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