The Oceans 11 of a surveillance system

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It is not possible to clap with one hand hence a good surveillance system is also never a one man show. A reliable surveillance system should contain two kinds of devices – the standard ones and the ones that are specific to the surveillance area.


Standard devices include a multi area alarm systems, which triggers when abnormalities take place. The system should be linked to a monitoring center, police department, or mobile phone, so that swift action can be taken when the system sounds off. The surveillance system should also arm with CCTVs so that footages of abnormalities can be captured as they happened.


Occasionally, motion detector can also be considered as part of the standard devices due to its popularity. Many are confused by the name “motion”, in reality, a motion detector senses heat. As the movement of a person increases, heat increases too, that is when the detector will pick up this information. Therefore, the device is usually installed at the ceiling.


Do take note if these standard devices have to come in wired or wireless form. Wired system is recommended for newly built home or office spaces so that wires can be embedded together with other renovation works that are taking place concurrently. Wireless system is recommended if the surveillance system is to be installed in existing structures. This is to ensure that no major wiring works are needed. It is also not a bad idea to go hybrid, as in to have both wired and wireless option with the same surveillance system.


Specific devices can be tricky depending on one’s surveillance needs and also the area under surveillance. For example, a tracking system; some businesses will use this as a mean to track the entry and exit of employees, as well as their movements within a premise. Others may need the tracking system in their factories to monitor the manufacturing processes.


In convenient stores whereby there are many isles or hidden corners for crimes to take place, a high resolution camera may be of use. There is also a need to install camera at high corners so as to have a better capture of the entire area. Conversely, a childcare centre may not need such a high end device as the deterrence against strangers or intruders while not invading of privacy of stuff and students are more of a concern here. Therefore, a simple system at main entrances, play areas, and identified weak points will be more than sufficient.