Security Cameras have a Higher Degree of Efficiency

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When you consider a situation where houses are located in the same neighbourhood that is subject to burglar activity, it would be safe to assume to find that those that install CCTV surveillance cameras will not become the victim of unwanted entry, damage and robbery. At Smarter Security we are aware that this is certainly the case for Melbourne suburbs and it may well be true for the rest of the states. There is little doubt that the presence of a security system especially one that sports cameras will perform efficiently in taking video films and can produce devastating evidence to police.

Technical problems are normal

Nevertheless, we also accept the fact that security systems will succumb to normal wear and tear and from sudden electrical outages or inadvertent damage by a thrown projectile and the like. The type of damage may vary but they can result in the overhaul or dismantling of the system so it can be renewed and be in use almost immediately. In some cases, the damage can be caused by burglars themselves who tend to deliberately interfere with the normal functioning of the system by tampering with the wiring or cameras. But this does not mean that a security system is a bad idea.

Technology is not fool proof

Sometimes, home owners get the impression that by installing a surveillance system in their homes is all that they need to do. This is not so as they are directly responsible for making sure the system is operating perfectly and to report any malefaction or inadvertent damage that may impact the system. There is no reason to believe that technology offers products are absolutely fool proof. Security systems are like any other products that can and do fail to function for various reasons that are seldom the fault of the manufacturer.

Manual labour can disrupt surveillance monitoring

In some cases the reason for the malfunction of a security system can be attributed to the human element or the human operators that activate or deactivate the system. It is they who should be on the alert at all times to make sure the security system is functioning correctly and efficiently. Sometimes the efficient operation of surveillance cameras may be disrupted for long periods due to manpower disputes and the problems related to staff matters. In addition, the vigilance of home owners, business operators and office staff are needed if a security system is to operate properly.

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