Installing Alarms Correctly and Efficiently

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Installing alarm systems in your house is one of the best ways of keeping your house safe from burglars. Anyway that’s the automatic feeling you get when you are going to install a brand new system. Having them installed is one thing; to have them installed in the right places is another matter and one that may determine whether or not your new system will be effective in protecting your house.

Definitely not at the gate

At Smarter Security we’ve come across some amazing suggestions about installing an alarm at the front gate to catch the burglar the moment he makes a move to approach your ground and house. The ineffectiveness of this suggestion is that the burglar would have conducted his survey during the day and would have no doubt spotted the alarm. The second is even if the burglar didn’t see the alarm and it went off when he was about to open the gate, you can say goodbye to ever catching your burglar and he’s sure to come back.

Nor in the trees in the grounds

Placing an alarm system in the trees seems a good idea when you consider that a burglar will not see it up amongst the branches and leaves but it is just as ineffective as putting them on the front gate.  Another aspect to consider is that to put an alarm in the trees would involve having more wire connectors than is really necessary and this would escalate your costs. Another is that with your doors and windows closed at night, it would be difficult to hear it even if it did go off. We don’t think the idea would work.

The ideal solution

The best solution to the whole deal would be to enlist the expert support of people like Smarter Security to install your alarm system for you. That way you don’t have to go through all the hassle of doing it yourself only to find in the end that you have installed it wrongly and that it doesn’t work the way it was meant to. Our experts have been in the security trade for years and they know exactly where and how to install your alarm system for you.

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