Do CCTV Cameras Perform Well Enough?

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Many people wonder whether the results that surveillance cameras produce justify the amount of money spent on them. The simple answer is that they are definitely cheaper than paying for more police officers to patrol the streets or security guards to monitor unusual activities. At Smarter Security in Melbourne we know that installing cameras in homes, businesses and offices is far cheaper and are more effective. The cameras are not as blatantly obvious as policemen on their routine beat or security guards.

Are the costs reasonable?

Everything has its price but in the case of surveillance cameras the issue is not their price but the need to have them installed for enhancing the security of municipal areas. The memory of 9/11 in the US for instance has lingered and the fear of another terrorist instigated attack is always on the minds of authorities. There’s no doubt that cost plays a major part in deciding whether or not to install security cameras but the need to have them is far greater. Security is more important than the cost for the cameras, repair and maintenance, wiring, renovations and upgrades.

Are there any better options to security cameras?

In addition to all these recurring costs, there is always that nagging question about alternative security measures. As already stated, increasing police and security guard hire can be very costly and their effectiveness is questionable. Furthermore, to argue that the taxpayer’s money is not wisely spent when they are used for the procurement of security systems is an error in judgement. The reason is that with a camera surveillance system, a whole area can be monitored without the need to have more manpower to do the same job.

How about lighting up the public streets and training?

Some proponents of other options argue that it would be far cheaper to light up certain dark areas of streets. They also say that training of security staff deployed at retail stores is another better option to the use of security cameras. But even against these seemingly better alternatives there’s no guarantee that street lights can prevent crimes and when one does take place, there is no evidence of it anywhere as there would be if a security camera was installed in the same street. Then of course there is the question of the value of a human life. Is life worth protecting or not?

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