Benefits of Having a CCTV Camera

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The use of CCTV surveillance cameras has become increasingly popular over the past few years. These devices are not just being used in stores or high end communities. They are now available for everyone and can be easily purchased from a wide variety of stores. Surveillance cameras have several features and advantages, which primarily depend on how much they were purchased. In this article, we will discuss some reasons why people should consider investing in CCTV cameras.


  1. Monitors Home and Property

In situations where the presence of cameras is not enough to prevent crime from occurring, these can be used as evidence. Using the right kind of camera, the footage can be used to identify offenders who committed the crime or illicit act. The footage can also be presented to the authorities as a proof that the accused was the one who committed the crime. In a home, the maximum surveillance cameras that can be installed are sixteen. Having more cameras installed means that more area can be covered and protected.

  1. Discourages the Attack of Thieves and Vandals

CCTV cameras are usually installed in an area where they are easily seen. In most cases, the presence of these cameras can decrease the amount of attacks. It does not matter whether the cameras are real or fake, since there is little difference between the two when seen from a distance. Even though fake cameras are as useful as the real ones in preventing crime, only a genuine surveillance camera can produce the necessary footage that can be used as evidence in crime investigations.

  1. Monitors Employees in the Workplace

Surveillance cameras are also used in homes and offices to keep an eye on employees. In most homes, CCTV cameras are used to keep an eye on nannies or private nurses taking care of kids or the elderly. Offices use cameras to monitor employees, preventing them from doing anything against the company policies.

  1. Cameras Can Be Accessed Remotely

CCTV cameras can be installed to enable users to monitor their property and the people inside even when they are physically away from their home or office. This can be useful especially during the holidays. Home owners can see and keep an eye on what is going on inside their homes.

  1. Solution against Terrorism

CCTVs are also becoming more common in public places. Businesses, government agencies and law enforcement use surveillance cameras to improve security and to protect lives and property. Despite of this, the effectiveness of CCTV cameras against preventing crime is still being disputed. There is also a concern about the individual’s right to privacy, making it difficult for people to accept the presence of these cameras.


Investing in security cameras can help in providing security to a home or office. As more and more sophisticated equipment are appearing in the market with higher price tags, there are also an increasing number of consumers that would continue to purchase them. No matter how expensive these CCTV cameras are, they give users more peace of mind, knowing that their property and loved ones are safe even when they are not at home.